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Monday, September 9, 2019

Beautiful Lilies in our Yard --2019 (Part II)

Muscadet Lilies 6/29/19
Dear Blog Friends,   Thank You so much for all of your wonderful comments on my last post.  Many of you remember the book,  "A Girl of the Limberlost". The book was written by Gene Stratton-Porter (first published in 1909) --and is a story about Elnora Comstock,  an Indiana girl who grew up on the edge of the Limberlost swamp. In order to pay for her education,  she collected moths.  Elnora's beauty of soul and love of nature continues to charm readers of all ages.   IF you want more information on this book,  click HERE.

Today --I'm showing you MY love of nature.  Here is one more post of the beautiful LILIES in our Yard this year.   If you missed seeing Part I,  be sure and read it first.  Click HERE.   We are so fortunate to have had so many blooming Lilies in our yard this year... Hope you enjoy seeing more of my favorite pictures of the LILIES.

Another view of some of the Lilies on our deck... 6/10/19;  They all bloomed at various times over a couple of months,  so I not only enjoyed seeing them and smelling them from outside, but also from inside our home.

Orange Electric Lily,  6/4/19

Pink Lemonade Lilies,  6/12/19

Our first Lilies to bloom;  These are Crimson Pixie Lilies-- 5/18/19

My overall favorite bloomers this year were our Muscadet Lilies..  We were fortunate to have them bloom both on the deck and in our front yard.  Picture was taken 7/6/19;

Sarena  Lily,  5/29/19

Our Lamppost Lilies in the front yard,  6/4/19;   This is the group of Lilies we sometimes lose to the deer --but this summer,  the deer left them alone!!  The yellow ones are Sarena,  and the pink ones are  Pink Lemonade.  

An up-close-and-personal picture of our Muscadet Lily,   7/1/19

Oh --the beautiful Stargazer Lily,   7/6/19

Stargazer Lilies on the left and Muscadet Lilies on the right,   7/6/19

A beautiful group of Lilies,  named  Purple Prince,  6/22/19

Another favorite,  Rosella's Dream Lilies,  6/12/19
Well Friends,   this wraps up my pictures of our beautiful Lilies...   I dearly love Lilies --and have been SO happy with all of the ones on the deck which bloomed this year in addition to the ones in the front yard.   Our flowers loved the wet winter/spring ---and that is what kept the deer away I think.   There were many more plants/weeds, etc.  growing in the woods which they could eat this year.  When there is drought,  the deer are HERE looking for anything they can find to eat.

Speaking of Drought,  we are in a really hot and dry period here now.... Strange how we always seem to get either too much rain at once, or NONE.   It gets frustrating to those of us trying to grow flowers and have a pretty yard...  Oh Well--'tis LIFE --and I still love it!!!!

If you missed checking out the link  (click HERE) talking about all of the different kinds of Lilies,  here is it again for you.   Lilies are interesting flowers for sure!!!!

Have an awesome week ---and get out in nature this week and enjoy it!!!!



Shug said...

Oh my....so beautiful around your place. I love the fragrance of the Stargazer lily....I can only imagine the sweetness that you enjoy as you walk outside each morning. Guessing that it takes quite a bit of time to keep these all watered? We need rain too....hopefully soon.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What beautiful lilies you have! They are all wonderful.

Happy almost Autumn ~ FlowerLady

Ann said...

Your lilies are all so beautiful. They did well in the pots on the deck. If I had tried that they would have been dried up and dead...lol

Marcia said...

All such beauties. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Connie said...

Your lilies are gorgeous, Betsy! You are lucky to have so many different varieties to enjoy.

George said...

We really had some gorgeous lilies this year, and you captured them beautifully.

Betsy said...

You have such pretty lilies Betsy. I know what you mean about drought. We rarely have rain in the summer, but it's been raining for the last 3 days. We need it so I'm trying not to complain but I'm NOT ready for fall and especially winter. :-)
Thank you for sharing with us the beauty that surrounds you.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am always amazed at the lovely varieties you have. They seem to be enjoying the lack of deer invaders and it is neat that the deer have enough other things to eat. Hope you are cooling off a bit. We hit 100 yesterday and have mid nineties all week. Ready for a real Autumn.

linda m said...

All i can say is WOW! Those are incredible

Ginny Hartzler said...

My favorites are the Stargazers, and Purple Prince. But the Muscadets are third! That is a good solution for the deer... make them their own little garden!!!

William Kendall said...

They're very pretty!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

How lovely and colorful. Beautiful shots.

Judy said...


Ruth Hiebert said...

Your lilies are as lovely as the roses. I always think that the lilies have an almost regal look to them.

Linda said...

Beautiful lilies!

diane b said...

Your lilies are so beautiful and the photography is great also.

Jeevan said...

Absolutely, nature has a rule we need to follow either we like or not its law! So pretty capture on the overall lilies… I truly admire the beauties in different colors and textures.

David said...

Betsy, You have more beautiful flowers on your deck than we do on all of our property! You and George are a lot more ambitious and motivated than we are... As for the deer, with things drying out, they recently started visiting our irrigated yard and flower beds. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

BeachGypsy said...

Pretty pretty lilies!! Wow, you have so many varieties!! We need to plant some of those. How are you feeling my friend?

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Stunning looking Lilies and beautifully photographed Betsy. I am just about to go to Australia for 6 weeks but have all my post scheduled in (bit of a marathon that was!) Unfortunately I will not be commenting while I am away but as often as I can will look at bloggers posts.

Andrea said...

Hello Betsy, this blog has been relegated to travels so been inactive for almost a year. My other blog about plants is more active. I am also deleting those inactive for years in the reading list, am glad yours is still actively beautiful. It is one of those with already big fonts for the elderly, hehehe.

Your lilies seem to be different than what i remember of your yard, the roses. Winter is approaching again and i hope you keep warm and healthy. Facebook seem to be getting lots of my time and pictures. After retiring in December i have more time gardening, decreasing time in blogging. Best regards also to George.

Roberta said...

Dear Betsy,
what a joy seeing your awesome blooming yard!
Have a pleasant weekend!

Terri said...

You always have the prettiest flowers, and these lilies are no exception. You and George have a wonderful weekend.

Agnieszka Mikołajczyk said...

Beautiful flowers

Lowcarb team member said...

Dear Betsy,
Your lilies are simply gorgeous and wonderful colours.
I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

All the best Jan