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Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Yard during June, 2015

Hi There,  Remember me????? ha ha.... As you probably know,  I haven't been blogging much at all lately.  First of all,  let me say that everything is FINE with us.  In fact,  life is GREAT.  The real fact is that we are just staying SO busy.  BUT--this is the kind of 'busy' we enjoy!!!!  Whether we are taking pictures of our yard/flowers----OR working in the yard to keep things looking good----OR whether we are traveling/hiking---OR whether we are just out walking with our new FITBITS in order to get/stay healthy;  OR whether we are working on our food plans through "My Fitness Pal" (online)--in order to eat healthy,  all of these things take up time --but are things we enjoy and need to do!!!!

Speaking of getting healthier,  we highly recommend the FITBITS (wear them like a watch) since they keep track of our heart rates, our steps,  our exercise/workouts,  our sleep habits. And--  since this program syncs with My Fitness Pal,  it all works together helping us make good choices about our eating and the NEED for more exercise... My Fitness Pal keeps up with all of our nutrition,  so we know when we are low on something such as Vit. D or calcium, etc...  AMAZING how much we both have learned and how good we are doing (with A LOT of hard work).  George has lost over 16 pounds and I have lost about 6 pounds.... I don't need to lose much---but need to firm up and try to get rid of some of my 'flab' (left over from years of being so heavy)....

I do post on Facebook most every day --simply because it is EASY to do and I can spend as little time or as much as I want to.   Blogging is different... As you know,  I have been blogging since 2006 and never EVER run out of something to blog about... BUT--I have this little person inside of me who cannot help feeling guilty when I do not have time to visit your blog posts.  I know that there are others out there who can 'blog without guilt'--but that is just not me.  I enjoy visiting ---but right now,  I just do not have time.  SO---the easiest thing for me to do is to NOT blog myself.  That is the main reason I have not blogged recently.  But---I do MISS you and your blogs very much.  I really do!

That being said,  I want to show you some beauties in our yard this month... This is the prettiest month of the year here I think because we have ROSES,  LILIES and DAYLILIES all blooming at the same time... Hope you enjoy seeing some of the beauty around us---and can tell by looking how much work and effort it takes to have a yard like ours... There will come a time when we can't do it any longer --but right now,  when we are healthy,  we enjoy it and love to share it with YOU....

The picture above was taken on 6/27/15 as I stood out in the road looking back toward our home.  Today I'll share six of our different flowerbeds around our yard.  Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

Our front yard looking toward the road  (6/27/15)

Lamppost Flowerbed (6/17/15)

Small Daylily Bed beside our Garage (6/17/15)

Side Flowerbed (next to our deck)--6/17/15;  I enjoy all of these beauties from my kitchen window and also from inside our living/dining area..

Small Daylily Bed in front of our big Rose Bed (6/25/15)

Daylily Bed  (6/14/15)

Looking toward the Small Daylily Bed,  the Rose Bed, and the Garage Daylily Bed (6/27/15)

Another view of our Side Flowerbed (next to the deck)--6/17/15;  George and I love to sit on the swing early in the mornings and have our devotions while we smell and enjoy the flowers.

Daylily Bed (6/26/15)

Beautiful Road Bed ---showing lots of Lilies (tall ones) and Daylilies (shorter ones)--6/26/15

A view of the entire Road Bed showing the Lilies and Daylilies (6/27/15)

Another view of the Lamppost Lilies  (and surrounding area) --6/19/15

Another view of the Road Bed (6/26/15)

Here's one last view of our little home showing off some of the colors (6/27/15)
My apologies again for not visiting your blogs.  I'm not sure when I'll ever be able to do it again on a daily basis since I am not sitting at the computer very much these days.  But--my health (at my OLD AGE) is much more important than sitting here!!!! I'm sure you understand that!

Since I am way behind with my blogging,  I still have stories to tell and pictures to show... If you didn't read about it on Facebook,  then you will need to hear about us getting stuck on top of a mountain in a fierce thunderstorm...  AND--I haven't shared with you our time in New Orleans (which was quick but fun)... AND---then there is the Anniversary trip to North Carolina we took last week (our 14th Anniversary was on June 23)....  And of course,  I have a gazillion pictures of Roses,  individual Lilies and Daylilies.... SO--one of these days,  I'll be back!!!!!!!  I just am not going to promise that it will be on a regular basis --at least not now.