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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waterfalls at Mt. Magazine, AR

Be sure and check yesterday's post (click HERE) if you missed it. Today, I am showing some of the waterfalls we saw on the road up the mountain toward Mt. Magazine. Obviously, there was no hoarfrost here since we weren't high enough in elevation. But--we saw more water coming over the falls than we had seen on several previous trips. Above is Jestice Creek Cascades. George took this gorgeous picture --after he bushwhacked down toward the bottom. More pictures are below!

As you can tell, I stood at the top of the cascades --watching as George hiked down. He took this picture of me ---while I watched him from above!!!

OKAY---since George took my picture, I took his!! You can see where he bushwhacked down to get a great picture --like the one at the top!!!

This beautiful waterfall is named Hardy Falls. I love the way these waterfalls flow down the mountain through all of the rocks. And I enjoy seeing the green moss near the bottom. SO pretty!!!!

This waterfall is named High Falls ---and this time, George had to bushwhack UP the mountain to get a better picture. That is ICE at the bottom of the picture. This falls also 'cascaded' down the mountain. I love the rock formation.

I enjoyed getting up close and personal with Jestice Creek Falls (which was on the other side of the road and above Jestice Creek Cascades pictured at the top).

I took this picture of George standing near the bottom of Hardy Falls. You can tell that the sun was shining brightly here.

Finally, here is a picture of Jestice Creek Falls. As you know, we love all kinds of waterfalls --whether they are big or small. Some of these smaller ones are always favorites for sure, due to the mountain terrain and general area.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the Mt. Magazine area waterfalls. We drove to Hendersonville yesterday to check on George's parents... We found them in good spirits although both of them have had winter colds. Mom will be 90 in May and Dad will be 98.

Hope you have a great weekend.