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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee (1/25 and 1/26, 2022)

Dear Friends,  George and I visited Fall Creek Falls State Park south of us here in Tennessee for a little 'getaway' on Jan 25th and 26th.   We've been waiting for a LONG  time for them to complete the new lodge and restaurant.  Now that it is finished,  we visited and were really impressed with everything.

Even though it was an EXTREMELY cold couple of days,  we still managed  to bundle up and do some 'waterfalling' and hiking/walking both days.   There was a lot of water coming over the waterfalls --and we  (George especially) LOVED getting the perfect pictures.   We spent one night in the lodge and ate dinner and breakfast the next morning there.  

Late in the afternoon we left the park and drove to another park (near Cookeville, TN) named  Burgess Falls.... The waterfalls there were amazing also.... I think I counted 9 different waterfalls that we saw those two days!!!!  SO much fun --especially since we haven't been 'waterfalling' much lately.

Today I'll share some pictures from those wonderful two days!  I hope you enjoy them!!

Our first view of the beautiful new lodge

We had a really nice room --with a view of the lake.

Since we were on the end--we had a 'wrap around' balcony where we hope to enjoy the next time we come (when it is WARMER)... ha

And you know how much I loved seeing the sunrise over the lake that next morning!!!

Here's a view of the new restaurant!!  

The fireplace in the lodge is HUGE and felt SO good after being outside in that cold cold wind!

Here's my Sweetheart standing at the overlook --with Fall Creek Falls in the background.

Interesting reflections in the water --when we visited the "George Hole" area  (named after my George of course)!!!! HA!

Here's the old woman at the overlook above Cane Creek Falls!

After driving around the 'loop road' --we stopped and hiked to get a view of Piney Falls... 

Along the trail to Piney Falls,  we passed this interesting rock formation.  What do you see?  Some of my Facebook friends  think it is a hand and some think they are toes!!!!  (I've been on this hike many times in past but had never noticed this rock formation before.)  Isn't nature just amazing???

 Finally,  here is a picture of  "Little Burgess"  Falls.  (By the way,  there are 4 beautiful waterfalls along that stretch of water.  The 4 waterfalls are:  Baby Falls,  Little Burgess, Middle Falls,  and Burgess Falls).... 

Well---that gives you a taste of our two day, quick little trip!!!! It is hard for me to say what I loved the most...  An easy answer would be to say "all of it".....  BUT--most of all,  I enjoyed my sweet husband on Cloud Nine ---seeing and taking pictures of all of those amazing waterfalls.... I think taking pictures of waterfalls are George's Gift from God.

We want to go back in Spring so that we can sit on the balcony enjoying that beautiful view.

Have a great February!!!