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Monday, August 10, 2009

New Waterfalls in North Georgia

On our trip to Florida last week, George and I stopped along the way (both going and coming) to check out some new waterfalls. Today I'll share five of them with you ---all in the North Georgia area not too far from Dahlonega. My new header and the picture above were both taken at my favorite waterfall from this particular trip. This waterfall is named Middle Desoto Falls and is found at the Desoto Falls Recreation Area, north of Turner's Corner. Below are more pictures of the waterfalls we saw last week.

This is Trahlyta Falls (found near Vogel State Park).

This is not a good picture---but was the best we could get from the road-side. This is the Lower Falls on Waters Creek (near Turner's Corner). This waterfall is now on private property---and there was no way to get across the creek to get a better view from the overlook on the other side. It was VERY obvious that the new owners of that property do NOT want anyone crossing their bridge to see the waterfall. SO---we just got the best picture we could get!

This is a gorgeous waterfall also on Waters Creek (just down the road). Its name is the Falls on Waters Creek. This is a popular swimming area for the 'locals' in the summer.

Here is another view (from the road) of the Falls on Waters Creek. We drove farther into the woods searching for more waterfalls. I'll let George talk about this situation (he has a picture to share) on his blog. SO ---be sure and check out his blog today!!! Click HERE.

Here is the Middle Desoto Falls. This waterfall was back in the woods and we enjoyed the short hike in that beautiful area. As I said, this one was my favorite waterfall from the entire trip.

George now stands on the little overlook enjoying Middle Falls.

Red-faced and sweaty (from hiking in the summer heat), I still really loved being at this waterfall. All of the Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurels around were gorgeous.

This last waterfall is named Lower Desoto Falls. It is not nearly as impressive as Middle Falls ---but it was still pretty. We did not hike to Upper Falls because it was a longer hike and we were running out of daylight.

We saw a very interesting waterfall on the way home---but I'll feature that one in another blog.

Have a great Monday!