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Friday, February 24, 2012

Best of 2011: My Overall Favorites

This post wraps up my "Best of 2011" series.  If you missed any of the seven different posts,  you can click HERE to see them...  I kept out these pictures until last since they are my favorites.... Hope you enjoy them!!!  Be sure to click on them to see a larger view.

This picture of the bride and groom standing outside the Chapel on the Rock  south of Estes Park, Colorado is just fabulous...  If you missed my blog post talking about this chapel (which really is built on a rock),  click HERE.

Here is another fav of mine.  This picture was taken at the Italian Water Garden at Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  NC.   I loved seeing all of the water lilies in this pond ---but I especially loved seeing the reflection of the Biltmore House in the water... If you want to see more pictures from the Italian Water Garden,  click HERE.

You have seen this photo ALOT if you came to my blog during January.  I featured it as my header then.... We took this photo of the Smokies EARLY one morning in October as we were headed up the mountain to get some great Autumn colored pictures...   If you want to see more pictures from that trip,  click HERE and HERE.  That was a great trip to see the Fall colors!!!

In early December ---we had a small but pretty little snow storm... This was one of those wet snows with big flakes that clings to everything... SO PRETTY.... I loved the way it added that white color to one of our outdoor wreaths...  (NOTE:  This winter has been one of our mildest ones so far.  We have only had 3 tiny little snows so far.  I was hoping for at least one bigger one,  but now, with spring flowers getting ready to bloom,  I think I'm just ready to have some SPRING!!!!)

Here is another great sky picture.... I'm sure you will see it sometime as my blog header.  This picture was taken last year when we were at our little cabin in Mt. Nebo, Arkansas.  Can't wait 'til we go back there again SOON.

Here is my favorite Grand Canyon picture...  This was our view as we looked away from the sun---as it was setting in the west.  To see more sunset pictures from the Grand Canyon,  click  HERE.

Here is a great 'fog' picture (can you tell that I love sky, sun, fog pictures?? ha) from last year's trip to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas.  This one was taken from the back patio at our cabin.

Finally,   here's another fog picture from Mt. Nebo, Arkansas.   There are lots and lots of deer on that mountain---and I loved seeing them in the fog...

Hope you enjoyed all of my "Best of 2011"  series... I always enjoy re-living our adventures this way... We will be returning to our cabin in Mt. Nebo soon ---so hopefully,  I'll get some "Best of 2012" pictures while there.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.