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Monday, November 14, 2022

More FALL COLORS around our Yard and Area

Dear Blog Friends....  Can you believe it:  a Post two weeks in a row?????? ha ....  I won't guarantee this will continue but who knows?????   I'm much slower these days --and Blogger keeps changing and making it harder for me!!!  It's not as much fun as it used to be.  Facebook,  on the other hand,  is much simpler and more enjoyable now for this old woman... Oh Well...  I've lost a lot of Blog friends since I don't Blog much --and that makes me sad.  BUT--I do love you all and love hearing from you.

Last week I posted pictures from our trip to see the colors in the mountains...  SO--today I'll share pictures taken from here at home and in our Fairfield Glade area.   It was (gone now and the trees are bare) a beautiful Fall for this entire area this year... Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The first to bloom each year,  our Pink Dogwood  10/4/22

The  REDS of Fall always bloom early!  This is the beautiful Red Maple tree in our yard. 10/4/22  

Another picture of our Red Maple (from below looking up at the blue sky). 10/9/22

A colorful tree in our area 10/10/22

I love the oranges of Fall.   Tree in our area 10/10/22

More trees in our area;  I love the mixtures of colors.  10/13/22

Our Beautiful Golf Course,  near our home 10/13/22

Our Gorgeous backyard with all its trees in Fall;  NOTE the 2 deer in the picture.  There were 3 but one is to the right of my picture!   10/16/22

Another view of Fall that we enjoyed from our deck  10/17/22

I love sitting on the deck looking up at the colors.  10/17/22

Our large yellow Norway Maple tree in our upper side yard.   These maples are some of the LAST ones to turn colors in the Fall..  10/26/22

Our Sweet little home 10/26/22


Well---as I say every time I post a Blog,  this is enough pictures for this post!!!!!!  We had a beautiful Autumn this year and I love showing off the Fairfield Glade area including our home... 

Hope you had a beautiful Fall also (unless you live in Australia and are enjoying Spring now)... ha

Have a great week.  

Love to all,