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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High School Football

This is Part II of our visit to see the Bearden High School/ Maryville High School football game on Sept. 30. If you missed Part I, chick
HERE to see my precious grandson playing drums in the Bearden High Band.

Today, I'll show you a few more pictures from that fun-evening. Above is Landon's Dad (My fabulous son, Jeff) and adorable daughter, Avery---who were with us at the game. I am so proud of my son since he is in the process of losing alot of weight --and is doing so well. He is doing it the RIGHT way (proper eating and lots of exercise). Below are more pictures from the game.

We had a fabulous Fall evening in Knoxville, TN that night. Bearden High School is one of Knoxville's best schools --and you can see a little more of their facilities including a fairly new athletic complex.

Bearden is known as the Bulldogs ---and their colors are maroon and white... Before the game, the team ran on the field to the CHEER of the crowd.

The band (including one of the bands from a neighboring elementary school) was on the field --and the cheerleaders held up the sign ---for the football players to run through.

Now you can see the team running through ---while the bands played their pre-game music.... SUCH excitement!!!!!

We were sitting near the top ---and the cheering section was right below us... You can see the cheerleaders in front leading the crowd in their cheers. Even the row of 9th graders (standing in front of the bands) are getting into the cheers!!!! Landon is 3rd from the left end.

The sun was setting behind us ---but we still saw some gorgeous skies while watching the game... I laughed and told my son that I was busy looking at the sky instead of the football game!!!!!! (Typical photographer, huh?)

Here's a picture of the night sky --with the lights of West Knoxville very obvious in the distance... All in all, it was a great evening (even though Bearden did lose the game)----and brought back alot of memories of all of the many years I was in the band and attending football games.

Being in the band is alot of hard work --as Landon will tell you! I remember that myself --since my band also participated in many festivals, competitions, etc. I remember practicing every afternoon after school and also most weekends...

I hope you are enjoying Autumn. We have had some very cool weather the past few days... We even had a frost advisory on Sunday night --but luckily, no frost (since we still have beautiful roses blooming). BUT---we did have a roaring fire in the fireplace all day on Sunday and again last evening... LOVE it!!!!!! Think it's time for some good home-made Chili, don't you????