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Friday, August 20, 2021

A Great 79th Birthday in 2021

Dear Blog Friends,   How are you doing during this VERY HOT mid-August weather???  We are both doing as 'good' as possible at our ages!!!! ha ha... We were lucky during my Birthday week to have some less humid/less hot weather for a few days.. That was nice and made our trip so enjoyable.

 We spent several days along the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive in Virginia.  We visited Peaks of Otter. the National D-Day Memorial,  Point of Honor Home, Skyland Resort, Belle Grove Plantation, and the Cedar Creek Battlefield. 

Then the family came to visit on 8/8/21 (after we got home from our trip). It was a wonderful Birthday week. Hope you enjoy the pictures.Explanations are on each picture.

Well, as you can see,  I had another wonderful Birthday week this year... Thanks be to God for my fabulous husband, family and you--my friends... 

*****************  AND THEN THIS HAPPENED:
After I wrote this post, George and I visited his daughter in Lebanon, Tennessee on Sunday (8/15/21). On the way home, we were in a terrible automobile accident. We were in the left lane on I-40 with several cars in front/back of us. Someone apparently changed lanes and then stopped, causing a three or four vehicle chain reaction pile-up.  We were the 3rd  car in that big wreck so we got hit both back and front.  God and our airbags took care of us and saved our lives. Our pretty little car was totaled  George escaped with soreness, aches and pains, but I was taken by ambulance to the ER. After X Rays, I found out that I broke my right wrist. They put a soft cast on my arm but it is very big and bulky and heavy. I have really struggled with it this week. I see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow (8/20/21). Hopefully I will get a smaller cast.

As I told my Facebook friends, George and I were very lucky. It could've been much worse. Neither one of us have ever been in a wreck before so this is all brand new. It is definitely something I do not want to ever go through again. But we are thanking God that we are alive. 

PRAYERS for us please. This is going to take some time. And I need patience.