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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dad Adams turns 101 on August 29

Can you believe it?  It's been a year (tomorrow) when we celebrated my father-in-law's, Dad Adams (John Emery Adams),  100th birthday with family and friends...  NOW---he's going to be 101 tomorrow (August 29).... 

Here's what he looked like in 1938.   Dad has always been health-conscious --so I guess that is why he has lived for so many years.  He was from that 'older' generation --who worked hard all of his life and was very Patriotic.  God Bless John Adams.  He's an inspiration to all.

Then,  he met the 'love of his life' (Kay Cassiday) when he was working with the CCC in Indiana.  They were married in 1940---and were inseparable until Kay's death on May 6, 2011.   If you do the math,  you'll note that they were married for 71 years.

In this photo,  Kay and John (who was called Emery then) are with their oldest child,  'my' George!!!!!  This photo was taken in 1943.

Here is a picture of Dad and Mom which I love.

Dad was active (VERY active) for many years... Here he is on his tractor --when he was in his late 90's!!!!!

Here's  two people very much in love---after many years together!!!

These days,  George and I visit Dad about every other week.. One thing he still loves at age 101 is to have lunch out and then go for a nice long ride in the country!!!!!

Last year,  we celebrated Dad's 100th birthday  with a party at his church in Hendersonville,  Tennessee.  From left to right:  Row 1--Me,  Dad,  Bonnie (Ken's wife);  Row 2--Son George,  Daughter Janet (with whom Dad lives now), and brother, Ken, who lives in Indiana.   (There was another child,  Jimmy,  who died in 1970.)

Finally,  let's all wish JOHN EMERY ADAMS a very Happy 101st Birthday tomorrow.

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