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Monday, October 28, 2019

Autumn at its BEST in my Area of the Country

Around our home
Dear Friends,   I am desperate for some Autumn Color.  SO----today  I will jump back into the archives and show you some beautiful Fall Colors in our area.  As I've said in previous posts,  our area of the country has been in a horrible drought recently --and that,  along with an extremely hot September,  "did a number" on our leaves this Fall... Most of the leaves just died on the trees --and are now falling.   IF we get any color at all this year --I'm sure it will be sometime in November (instead of our usual October colors).

SO---today I will share with you some beauty from past years.....  Sit back,  get a cuppa,  and relax and enjoy!!!!

Love the colors in this tree near our home

Along one of the back roads in the Catoosa area near Fairfield Glade

Looking across one of the many lakes in Fairfield Glade

One of the gorgeous Maples ---in the Catoosa area, near Fairfield Glade

Glorious 'carpet' in the Great Smoky Mountains

Along the Foothills Parkway, near Townsend, TN in the Smokies

After a hike to Look Rock (off of the Foothills Parkway in the Smokies),  I was checking out the valley below from the Look Rock tower..

Also from Look Rock,  I love this picture of the Foothills Parkway below --and the Smoky Mountains in the distance!!!

The Great Smoky Mountains,  near Newfound Gap

From Newfound Gap in the Smokies,  showing the fog in the valley below

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

From the Blue Ridge Parkway

So much beauty along the Cherohala Skyway 

A favorite picture from the Cherohala Skyway showing the Sunbeams peaking through

More beautiful Fall colors from our area of the country
Hope you enjoyed see AUTUMN in our area ---as it usually looks. I am so glad I have lots of beautiful colored pictures in my Archives to share this year....  We may still take a trip to the Smoky Mountains soon just to see if they do have any color much there this year... But--I'm spoiled by the colors which we usually have around here.  I'll keep you posted.

Have an awesome week.   It's hard to believe that November will be here very soon!!!