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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maggie Valley, North Carolina

I've talked before about my three childhood friends --and have even asked for prayers for two of them. The four of us (all born in 1942) grew up together in the small town of Big Stone Gap, VA. When we graduated from college, we all went our separate ways for many years. BUT--In 1992 (when we all turned 50), we began a new tradition---of getting together once a year in the fall for a "Girls Getaway"... Since '92, we have gone somewhere and done something together MOST every single year. It's a very special time for us --and one that we all cherish.

This coming October, we are headed to the mountains of North Carolina to Maggie Valley. We are renting a vacation cabin for five days in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. This year will be particularly special since two of the four of us have had some major health problems. One gal (Susan) is in the battle of her life---suffering with cancer. Another one (Reida) has MS and recently had kidney stone surgery. We all know that we are getting older--and that 'life happens'. BUT--we don't ever want these special years of friendship to end.

Here is an article I read on the internet about the history of Maggie Valley. I found it interesting so would like to share some of it with you today. "They named this now famous resort community for a pretty 14-year old mountain girl with long blond hair and deep blue eyes. To know her story and the real Maggie, you must read Maggie of Maggie Valley, NC, a book written by her daughter Patty Pylant Kosher. It’s the chronicle not only about Maggie Mae Setzer Pylant but mountain life when this was still an isolated settlement in the wilderness.

Ten years after Maggie was born on December 21, 1890, her father, Jack Setzer, started thinking that the community ought to have a post office. He wanted to establish a post office in his home because he was tired of hiring someone to ride five miles to an area post office to pick up mail for the valley. Jack setzer wrote to the US Postal Department for permission to establish his home as a new post office that would serve the area.

One corner of Setzer's room was a post office in which he built a wooden box to file the incoming letters and newspapers. At the end of six months, Jack submitted his records to the postal office depth and they accepted his application asking him to submit a name to the postal service. The first three names that he submitted were rejected. He was told that they were used for another NC post office. Jack then submitted the three names of his daughters (Cora, Mettie and Maggie Mea) plus the name Jonathan Creek, the creek that ran through the Setzer’s home.

Jack didn’t tell his daughters that he submitted their names, but on May 10, 1904, Jack received an official letter from the US Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock that the post office authorities had made their decision. The official name of the mountain settlement post office was to be Maggie, NC. Maggie was embarrassed when she was told the news. She burst into tears and ran up the mountain to the old log cabin where she had been born.

At the age of 17, Maggie became the bride of Ira Pylant of Nashville, TN. They moved to Texas, but she came back to her beloved valley several times before her death in 1979 at the age of 88."

How would you like to have a post office and/or town named after you???? Neat story, isn't it? Here are a few pictures --all taken from the internet -- from Maggie Valley. I cannot wait 'til our trip!!!!!

This is the Soco Gap area near Maggie Valley.

Looking down on Maggie Valley

This will be the cabin where we will spend five glorious days together!!!!

I'm sure I'll have TONS of pictures to share when we get home. In the meantime, please continue to pray for the four us, especially Susan and Reida. Thanks!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday.