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Friday, June 12, 2009

Blue Ridge, GA

I think I have told most of you that my three childhood girlfriends and I take a trip together most every fall. We started this once we all turned 50 in the summer of 1992---and to this day, we seldom have missed a year getting together. To read more about these special friends, click HERE.

I was recently looking through some old pictures and came across our trip in October of 2005. That year we rented a gorgeous little cabin in the north Georgia mountains at Blue Ridge. This was one of my favorite trips simply because that cabin was situated on the mountain perfectly, in order to see the sunrise. That beautiful sunrise obviously got us all up EARLY every morning. The picture above is of our sweet little cabin. There are more pictures below!

This was the road to our cabin. I got outside and did some walking on a cool, crisp Autumn day.

The other side of the cabin (which had a great view from two decks)

We spent TONS of time sitting on the top deck, enjoying the view and chatting.

A view from the top deck during the daytime

Early morning--before sunrise, we watched the fog in the valley below-which looked like snow!

Reida (who was inside) took this picture of us as we watched the sunrise.

Gorgeous Sunrise! We could even see this from the bedroom windows! Wow!

When we weren't on the deck, we spent time in the living room YAK-ING---and enjoying a roaring fire in the fireplace.

Betsy (the baby of the four since I was born in August and the other three were born in June) enjoyed the jacuzzi.. (Do you think I put a little too many bubbles in the water????? ha ha)

We of course took time to check out the area and have dinner at some of the local restaurants. (The trout was delicious!!!)

We passed by this TINY little place ---and wondered if they would let us rent it the next year.....??????? Hmmmmmm---they did NOT!!!! ha ha

Our four days in "Paradise" were over.... Susan and Nita don't want to leave... (Neither did Reida nor I.)

Well ---we said our goodbyes with tears... It was a great four days!!!!

Here's one more view of one of our gorgeous sunrises. We had such a marvelous time together.. God Bless these wonderful childhood friends.


P.S. George and I are headed to Cleveland, TN today to meet two of our special blog friends, SHELLEY and LEEDRA. I am SO excited to meet these new friends. I thank God also for you, my blogging friends. I hope to meet ALL of you someday!!!!