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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Year's TULIPS in our Yard

Since I featured all of this year's Daffodils in a previous post, I decided that, although I have featured some of these before, I will show you ALL of our nine different Tulips in our yard this year. You can choose your fav's. Above is a beauty called Tequila Sunrise!!!!! Below are more. Be sure and click to enlarge them.

This is also Tequila Sunrise Tulip--after it opens up... It starts yellow---and then turns redder, as it opens... Amazing, huh????

This beauty is named Bright Pink Lady. This is a gorgeous tulip I think.

I love the colors in this Tulip. Its name is Rembrandt.

This little Tulip is named Coors.

Here is Peppermint Stick Tulip---one of our unique ones!

These are called Apricot Beauty Tulips. Neat, huh?

Here is picture of our Mardi Gras Tulip.

This is also Mardi Gras Tulip. Whether it is open or closed, it is a beauty for sure!

These beauties are called Orange Emperor Tulips.

One of my favorites and our first Tulip to bloom this year was Red Dynasty.

Now---which ones are your favorites?????

Happy Sunday!!!

If you want to see all of our Daffodils again, go to my LABEL list on my sidebar and click on Daffodils.