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Monday, September 26, 2016

Around Abbott Lake at the Peaks of Otter, Virginia-- 9/13 and 14, 2016

CATTAILS around the Lake 9/13/16
In my last post,  click HERE,  I talked about one of my favorite things to do when we were on a little vacation at the Peaks of Otter in Virginia... That favorite thing was to walk around Abbott Lake both evenings we were there close to sunset,  August 13 and 14.   Today,  I'll share some of the little things we saw while walking around the lake...  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  You can click on them for enlargements.


FERNS growing in the woods around the lake  9/14/16

So pretty,  don't you think?  I love WILDFLOWERS this time of year.   9/14/16

The WILDFLOWERS were so pretty as we walked.  9/14/16

FISH in the water;  Ready to go fishing?????  9/14/16

Cute little BUNNY searching for dinner  9/14/16

Beautiful big leaves on this GROUND COVER  9/14/16  (There was a bench in this area where one could enjoy nature and a lake view.)  9/13/16

A group of very pretty WILDFLOWERS  9/14/16

A tree shaped like the top of an ELK;  Use your imagination!!!! ha  9/14/16

First Lodging for Travelers in the 1830s;  This cabin was called the Polly Wood's  ORDINARY and was a small boarding house until the early 1850's.   9/14/16

Double your Pleasure!!!!   Here are some pretty orange WILDFLOWERS with an added spider web.  I didn't see the cobweb until I got home and pulled the picture up on my computer!!!!  9/14/16

And my FAVORITE capture on our walk:  A GREAT BLUE HERON enjoying the evening;  (I tried to find some OTTERS since they 'say' there are two in the lake --but I was unsuccessful this time.)  9/13/16

Another picture of the GREAT BLUE HERON  9/13/16

Our Inn from the other side of the lake... It is beginning to get dark.. You can see the lights on in the rooms.. AND--when we walked by there,  people just like us were sitting on their porches enjoying the sunset.  9/13/16

Night-Night!!!!!   We are back to the room enjoying the sunset  9/14/16
IF you ever get to the Peaks of Otter,  be sure and stay in one of the inn rooms --and don't miss the little walk around the lake...  SO beautiful and relaxing especially at sunset.

I  took lots more pictures as we traveled around that lake --but I'll show more of them in another post when I share more of the lake, sky, sun, and reflections... What JOY.

Hope your life is wonderful.  They 'say'?????   that we are supposed to get some cooler weather this week...  Hope we can also get some rain --but who knows??????

Blessings to you.