Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Tulips in our Yard (Part II)

On Monday,  I showed you Part I of our Tulip Collection in our yard.   Today,  I'll share the rest of them.  Most of these were taken along the upper side flowerbed and along the road...  As I said,  we had Tulips scattered all over the yard... So pretty!!!!!

Hope you enjoy this set also --and be sure to read Part I (below) --if you missed it.   Click on the pictures for enlargements.  AND---pick a 'fav'!!!!   The top picture is a beautiful red (with a touch of white) tulip (taken on 4/3/15) --and is located in two places in our yard,  beside the garage and also in the Road Flowerbed.

4/2/15;  Always a favorite of mine.;  These beauties are in the Road Flowerbed.  Last year,  the deer got some of them -but this year we SPRAYED Liquid Fence around the area!

4/4/15 on side;  Now look below at the same tulip a day later!

4/5/15;  One day later --the tulip above really opened up!!!!  Gorgeous Tulip!

4/5/15;  This is a huge yellow tulip on the side--and we had two of them that bloomed and bloomed! 

4/5/15;  There were three of these dark wine tulips --and they were along the driveway near the RedBud Tree.

4/11/15;  There were 4 of these little Tulips on the side (named Peppermint Stick);  When they are closed,  they do look like a peppermint stick...

4/7/15;  This multi-colored Tulip was on the side.  It had several colors: rose, pink, white--and changed colors as it opened! 

4/11/15;  This was one of our late-bloomers ---but OH HOW GORGEOUS.  We had three of these and they were located near our mailbox...  Love those colors!

4/10/15;  I love this 'pointy' tulip on the side.  It is part of the group of four different tulips pictured as a group in my Part I post.

4/8/15;  This pretty pink tulip (on the side) started out very pale pink and got darker as it aged.  It is also one of the group of four (pictured in Part I).

4/7/15;  this 'pointy' orange tulip (in the side bed) is also a part of the group of four (pictured in Part I). 

4/8/15;  This is the last of the group of four tulips in our side flowerbed --pictured in Part I. 
The tulip above is a favorite of mine.  At first glace, you'd think it was the same tulip that I posted at the end in Part I ---but if you put these two side-by-side,  you can tell the difference.  Amazing Tulips for sure!!!!!

NOW---do you have a favorite????  My favorites in 2015 were:  1.  Purple/White Multi in Part I;  2.  White ones with a touch of yellow--listed second from the top above;  3.  the  gorgeous orange/yellow tulips near the mailbox (5th one above);  and 4/5----the yellow/red multis pictured at the end of both Part I and Part II.

Have a fantastic week and weekend.   We are headed home from several days at Ocean Isle Beach.   I'll begin to catch up with your posts as soon as I have a minute... Thanks for being patient with me and my crazy schedule.

Hugs to all,