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Monday, September 28, 2009

Shunkawauken Falls, Columbus, NC

On May 20, 2008, we sadly left Ocean Isle Beach --heading for home!!!! BUT--like we usually do when we travel, we stop to check out some new waterfalls. This time, we drove to Columbus, NC (near Saluda) to check out a new one. George had done some research about this waterfall---and he took us directly to it.

However, all of us (including Mrs. P--our Prius) had no idea that we would be driving up a STEEP mountain!!!! We went up-up-up!!!! Finally, we got there ---but MAN, was the drive worth it!!!! WOW!!!!
This waterfall on White Oak Mountain, Shunkawauken Falls, (say that three times fast) , falls more than 1000 feet to the valley below. We could only see the top part (which is 150 feet in itself). What a beautiful waterfall. It was known as Horse Creek Falls until 1891, when its name changed to honor an Indian Chief.

The view from the waterfall was amazing ---since the elevation was 2560 feet. We took pictures of both the waterfall and the view. We also tried to get some pictures of the bottom part of the waterfall as it flowed down the mountain. George even did some bushwhacking to get some pictures--but it was hard due to the heavy vegetation. We need to return to this area in the winter!!!! (I read where this waterfall can be seen during winter from the little town below -Columbus. That would be neat!) Here are some pictures of

Isn't this view incredible???? Now--you can tell how far UP we drove!!!! But--the road was paved and other than steep, we recommend it.

This picture was taken from the road---looking toward the bottom part of the falls, as the waterfall travels WAY on down the mountain. This area below is on private property.

George did bushwhack down into the woods trying to get a close-up of the lower waterfall --as it traveled on down the mountain. However the vegetation was just too thick. We could hear the water--but just couldn't see it.

This is what the bottom part of the waterfall looks like in the winter (with no leaves on the trees). Obviously, we didn't take this picture (came from the internet)--but we hope to go back there someday in winter to see the bottom part ourselves.

Here's one more view of the top part of Shunkawauken Falls. This part is glorious enough -since it is HUGE to me, being 150 feet high. WOW!!!!

Hope you get to visit this waterfall someday. There's NO hiking involved ---and the trip up the mountain is worth it --just to see the waterfall and the view. And it's convenient---being right off of Interstate 26 as it goes over the Saluda Mountain area.