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Monday, January 25, 2016

A Tennessee SNOW --Jan 22-23, 2016

Oh --how I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow!!!!  (1/22/16)
Well---you must know that this ole 'snow-loving' lady would certainly have a blog post about our Tennessee Snow this past weekend...  OF COURSE!!!! ha ha ...  First of all,  apologies to all of you up north who have experienced WAY too much snow from this system--and to all of you who have MUCH more snow that we ever get.... BUT--to me SIX INCHES is just perfect....

Here in Tennessee,  we don't get a lot of snow,  and the one we just had is one of the prettiest ones (clinging to all of the shrubs/trees/bushes) we have had in a few years... I remember some heavier snows here when we first moved here about 2003...  BUT--the past several years,  we just haven't had much,  to MY disappointment.

This past week,  we had about 2 inches of snow on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday,  the temperatures warmed up and we had RAIN.... Then on Friday night--we had LOTS of RAIN,  then SLEET and then SNOW... It snowed here on Friday afternoon--and continued all day on Saturday (off and on)...   BUT--it was bitter cold with a stiff wind on Saturday... SO--since I had had dental surgery last week,  other than to take some pictures and feed my birdies,  I stayed inside.

Sit back and enjoy the pictures --knowing that you can enjoy seeing snow from the warmth of your home... Grab a cup of hot tea,  hot chocolate or coffee!!!!!  Some of the pictures were on the 22nd as the storm was getting started, and some were from the 23rd....

I love the little red berries on this snowy bush (1/22/16)

The snow was really coming down at this time, and just getting started.  (1/22/16)

I love snows that cling to the trees/bushes/shrubs... (1/22/16)

Our TINY little SNOWMAN (accidentally created when we were cleaning snow from the deck)  1/22/16

Want to come and sit with me on our BENCH in the front yard?????  Brrrrrrrr.... (1/22/16)

Here's a close-up of the snow hanging onto each branch.. (Glad it wasn't ICE--like we had last year!)  (1/22/16)

Our home surrounded by snow  (1/23/16)

Our Holly Bushes in front  (1/23/16)

Our front yard;  I love seeing the designs in the rocks in the flowerbeds.  (1/23/16)

Shrubs along the upper side of the yard in front;  Interesting how the winds have blown snow on the  house!!!  (1/23/16)

Beautiful shrubs with snow on them;  Similar to my present blog  header (taken a few years ago); (1/23/16)

Taken from our deck--of the back yard and golf course;  No golfers out today!!! ha ha   (1/23/16)

Close-up of the Holly Bushes in the front yard  (1/23/16)

Snow on the big tree in our back yard (looking toward the golf course)  (1/23/16)

Icicles on the heated Bird Bath on our deck;  The birds love this birdbath when the ponds are all iced up....They have to have water in addition to bird seed.   (1/23/16)

A COLD Rhododendron in our backyard;   We had such a WARM December that many of our Rhody Buds BLOOMED early.  You can see a couple of the bloomed out ones in this picture... Bet this Rhody won't be as pretty this coming Spring!   (1/23/16)

The front sidewalk along our garage area;  (1/23/16)

One more picture of our pretty little home --surrounded by snow;  (1/23/16)

Sitting in my recliner,  drinking some coffee,  enjoying the fireplace ---and the view of the snow coming down;  LIFE IS GOOD....  (1/22/16)
OKAY---that's enough... Hope you enjoyed the pictures --from the warmth of your home!!!!!  I am recovering from THREE dental surgeries (on 1/19) ---but am doing GREAT...  Amazing how much they have improved through the years when it comes to  dentistry..  BUT---with improvement comes more COST....  Yipes!!!!!!   Oh ---the joys of getting OLD... ha ha

Have a wonderful day/week... Can't believe that it's almost February!!!!  Mercy Me!