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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Yard in EARLY Spring--Photos taken on 3/24/15

The first Spring flowers to bloom this year were our CROCUSES.  We had quite a few of these beauties around the yard --but they are now gone. SO,  I wanted to share this one with you,  taken on 3/15/15.
On Tuesday,  March 24, 2015,  George and I 'walked the yard' ---looking for new Spring growth... We have both been busy cleaning the yard after all of the damage and devastation caused by our Winter Storms.  At one time,  we were not sure what Spring Flowers we would have this year, if any.   BUT---things are beginning to really look good, thanks be to God.  SO---today (since I have showed you so much doom and gloom),  I want to share what is happening in our yard right now!!!!!!  Things are beginning to 'green up'.... WOW---so exciting!!!!

Hope you enjoy seeing the beginnings of Spring in our yard!!!!  You can click on the photos for enlargements!

We have many DAFFODILS (Jonquils) ----of all shapes, sizes and colors--in our yard... I love Daffodils,  don't you?

I love the colors in this HYACINTH.... It's got some purple in it --and also some dark burgundy... 

This is our big Rose Bed (but the roses won't bloom until May).  SO---we've added many other pretty flowers to this bed.  Today,  you can see Daffodils,  Hyacinths,  and one lone Tulip blooming.  AND---there are many more blooms to come.

Most of you know that we plant our Pansies in late Fall to give us a little color in the yard during winter.... WELL---even after a harsh winter this year,  the PANSIES are coming back and many are blooming.  Don't you love this red/black one?

I love this close up of this HYACINTH.. The light and dark pink colors are SO pretty...

Our PERIWINKLE Ground Cover is blooming.  We have Periwinkle planted in several places around the yard --and it's so pretty this time of year.  I love the BLUE flowers.

Here's another of my favorite DAFFODILS in our yard...  SO pretty!

Here's another pretty HYACINTH blooming in our yard.  I love this hot pink/rose color. 

Our Front Yard
This photo shows you the front yard ---showing how everything including the grass is beginning to turn GREEN...  This is so exciting for us --especially this year.   We just experienced one of the worst winters we have ever been through.  I hope and pray that we never have another one.   BUT--the good news is that things are coming back and we are beginning to 'feel' spring in our yard.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of these early colors.  Since we plant many flowers,  we'll be sharing more and more as the season progresses... BUT---I do ask for prayers and good thoughts  that the upcoming cold front (Fri/Sat) here won't bring too much cold weather which can damage some of these little Spring beauties.... Friday nights low is supposed to be about 23 and Saturday night,  the low is supposed to be 26.....  GADS----tell me it 'ain't' so!!!!!