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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lilly Bluff Overlook, TN

This past Sunday, July 25, George and I drove NORTHEAST of Crossville to hike to the overlook over Clear Creek, in the Obed Wild and Scenic River area, not too far from Wartburg, TN. The drive was nice ---as we passed the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, and headed into a sparsely populated area of Cumberland County and Morgan County.

Added to the National Park system in 1976, the Obed Wild and Scenic River is a very rugged area with very few added trails so far. The Obed River and its main tributaries, Clear Creek and Daddys Creek, have carved steep gorges into the sandstone bedrock. This river is perfect for VERY experienced kayakers (except this summer --when we have had so little rain).

We traveled to the Lilly Bridge area and crossed Clear Creek, driving up the mountain to hike to the overlook above Lilly Bridge. YES---I did a little hiking, the first for me since May... It was only a .6 of a mile hike total, and was fairly level--but that is definitely a beginning for this gal, who loves to hike. The ONLY problem with the hike was the extreme heat --since the temperature was in the 90's (or at least the high 80's). But--since most of the hike was in the woods, we both enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures for you!!!!! Above is the trail. We enjoyed hiking in the woods, even on a hot day. Below are more!

We are at the overlook... The Parks Services did a great job building this overlook on top of the mountain here. The views were great!

I took this picture from the overlook --looking down at the Lilly Bridge which we crossed.

From the overlook, we took this picture --looking east at Clear Creek below. You can see some people swimming down there if you enlarge this picture.

Looking the other direction, you will not how LOW the water levels are in Clear Creek.

Here's one last picture of the mountainous terrain around this area. This picture was also taken from the overlook ---facing straight ahead of us.

I will share more pictures of our little ride/hike in this area in another post next week. We drove home on a little country road --and of course, I found another little church!!!! ha

The GOOD NEWS for us is that we had OVER TWO inches of rain here at our home yesterday.... Yeah Rah!!!! We need rain SO badly... All of our trees/plants/grass/flowers, etc. say "Thank You" I'm sure...

Have a great Thursday!!!