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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Down and UP in Tallulah Gorge

On October 14, George and I revisited Tallulah Gorge near Clayton, GA. Please click HERE in order to see our first set of pictures and read an explanation of why we were there on that particular day. Today I will show you more pictures from our fabulous hike down into that gorge and then back up on the other side. Pant-Pant!!!!

It was raining cats and dogs that day---but that didn't stop us. We had the gorge all to ourselves almost all day long. You'll have to excuse the raindrops in many of the pictures ---and the fog all around us!!!!! But---I wanted you to see more of our hike that day!!!!

There are seven waterfalls in the gorge ---and we saw six of them while there. The picture above shows the Tallulah River as it travels through the gorge. The waterfall is L'Eau d'Or Falls (which is French for Water of Gold). Below are more!!

Gee---that's a long way down into that gorge (about 1000 ft. down at some points)... Are you sure we are walking down those 600 steps into the gorge???????? Okay---I'm game... Let's GO!

Well----I made it all the way down to the Swinging Bridge---and I'm still smiling!!!! Coming down was not too hard--and this bridge isn't too wiggly!! I will walk gingerly though!!!! ha

Yipes.... Look at that water underneath the bridge... Hold on tight and don't fall!!!!! SCARY!!!!!

Whew..... I made it to the other side. See the bridge?????

Oops-----I guess I have to go UP now!!!!! That's harder than going down!!!! Think I can make it up to the South Rim ???? It's only another 600 steps!!!!! Yipes! Where's the elevator when I need it?????

Uh Oh, George..... Do you think I can make it all the way up THERE????????

We both made it to the top, even though I stopped a few times (MANY TIMES) in order to catch my breath!!!! George is standing at Lookout 10 on the South Rim Trail, checking out the gorge and the waterfalls below.

Here's one more picture of the Swinging Bridge that we crossed. Can you see it????

Do you see that 'house' across from us on the other side? That is the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center, where we started our hike on the North Rim Trail. NOW--that we are on the South side, how do we get back over there???????? To Be Continued!!!!!!!