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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wildlife in Alaska

No---unfortunately, I haven't been to Alaska YET. But--one of these days, George and I will get there. However, in 2004, my eldest son, Bert, spent two years working for a small cruise line (Cruise West) in Alaska . He loved it there---and his mother was VERY jealous. I wish now that George and I had have gone when Bert was there. BUT--things just didn't work out then, so we decided to wait. Oh Well!!!!

Bert is like me when it comes to his love of being out in nature. While in Alaska, he took many fabulous pictures to share. Today, I'm going to share some of his wildlife pictures with you. I'll have to divide these into Part I and Part II. The picture above shows the seals sunning themselves on an iceberg... Look at that background. Incredible, isn't it???? More pictures are below!!!

Here are two bears, a black one and a cinnamon one.

You should hear all of those sea lions singing and squacking! Bert says that they can really make NOISE.

The deer in Alaska are different from the white-tailed deer in Tennessee.

Watch that eagle soar!!! WOW!!!

Salmon are all over the place in the streams.

I can never see enough pictures of eagles. They are so incredibly gorgeous!

"Honey, can't you do something to make it a little warmer in here?"

UPDATE: FOUR eggs now in the Bluebird nest!!!!!! If you have read my posts for the past three days, you will see a Bluebird egg picture each day. One picture showed 2 eggs in the nest. The next day there were 3, and now FOUR... Bluebirds lay an egg a day until they get to 5 or 6. Then Mama incubates the eggs for 15-18 days.. SO--if my calculations are right, on or around May 15, we'll have some new bluebird babies in the nest!!!!! They then will stay in the nest until about June 2nd---when they will leave the nest--one per day. Isn't that just 'plum' exciting??????