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Monday, September 26, 2011

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
As you know,  we took some time off from Blogging recently... We did get some much-needed yardwork done,  visited George's father,  and finished some other projects which were on our lists...  BUT--we also decided to take a short trip to Buffalo, New York,  to visit George's daughter,  Kelly, and hubby Chuck.   We enjoyed seeing them --and on our way home,  we decided to take a few more days and visit some scenic areas (including waterfalls) in Ohio and West Virginia...

Believe it or not,  we did manage to see about 25 new waterfalls.  Some were 'waterless' --or almost waterless...  Others were huge... Today I'll share one of our favorites,   Blackwater Falls,  in the Potomac Highlands near Davis, West VA.  Thanks to blog friend,  ANGELA,  for promoting her gorgeous state on her blog... That's one reason we went there!!!!

We got to the state park on a rainy, wet, foggy day ---which is usually a good time to view waterfalls...  WELL--we definitely hit the jackpot.  It was still drizzling when we hiked down to the waterfall --but once we got there and saw that raging beauty,  we just forgot about all of the rain!!!! Blackwater Falls  (50 feet high) is on the Blackwater River.  The hike wasn't bad ---and there is a great boardwalk with steps leading down to the falls. 

Today I will share with you some of our photos around the state park.  Above is a photo taken near the falls,  from the boardwalk.  Below are more!  Be sure and click on each picture to see a larger version.


Here is a picture of George taken on the boardwalk ---as we headed to the overlook on the other side of the gorge.

Since Blackwater Falls State Park is about 3500 feet in elevation,  we got to see some beautiful Fall colors up there.

Here is another picture of Blackwater Falls --taken from the overlook on the other side of the gorge.   From here,  you can see the platform where we were when the first picture above was taken.

This is a funny picture George took of me while we were at the Blackwater Falls Overlook --on the other side of the gorge.

Fog seems to follow George and I when we are traveling.. On this rainy day at Blackwater Falls State Park,  we did have alot of fog around..  Isn't this a great photo of the mountains,  the fog and some Fall color?

This picture was taken from the Pendleton Point Overlook --and shows the Blackwater River as it rages through the gorge.

Finally,  here is one more photo of gorgeous Blackwater Falls taken from the overlook across the gorge. 

There are more waterfalls in this 2,456 acre state park.  We saw a few more here on this trip--but want to go back there in order to do more hiking on their many trails and to check out more waterfalls in the area.  This is a state park which we definitely recommend.

Hope all of you have had a great 2+ weeks.  I have not checked many blogs --so if I missed something really important,  please remind me to check  that particular post.  Otherwise,  I will start reading your blog posts this week.

I also enjoyed participating on Facebook while I've been gone.  IF you are on Facebook and haven't found me yet,  please go to my sidebar and click on my Facebook info.  I never thought I would enjoy Facebook --but my kids/grands are all on it.  SO-- IF I wanted to keep up with them and their busy lives,  I 'had' to join!!!!!   What I found out though was just how much fun Facebook is.  I have also caught up with many blog friends --some of which are not blogging anymore.

Hugs to All,