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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is there a Room for ME????

See that photo above???? I'm afraid that my time has come to enter the Asylum... Recently, I've made some crazy mistakes.....

I've been "dazed and confused".....

The puzzle won't fit.... What is the problem???? WELL---first of all, I took on the responsibility (since I'm such a smart person who minored in Math in college) of working out the finances for my upcoming trip with my childhood friends in October... I had to pay some money upfront---so I thought I had it all worked out to the minute detail... I sent out emails to my friends telling each of them what they are going to have to pay for our cabin rental...

Instead of just giving them the bottom line of what they owed (which is probably what they wanted), I went into massive details --breaking it all down into its bits and pieces (like only a Math person would do). I was proud of myself and all of my 'hard' work.

WELL---- I finally heard back from one of my friends questioning my totals. How dare her question ME????? WELL---she had to go into detail in order to make ME understand that I had added it all wrong. I did what?????? ME---the Math person????? YES---I did.... I had to eat a little crow and apologize, something that we perfectionists don't like to have to do...

What is wrong Mrs. Math Person????? Are you stressed out?????

Too much late-night blogging, do you think??????

And then, after that embarrassing mistake, I did something even more stupid..... I hate to tell you this story because I'm sure you'll be crying (laughing) your heart out for me. BUT......

Last Wednesday, at the grocery store, George and I bought a couple of beautiful (and not cheap) steaks to throw on the grill on Labor Day. We NEVER ( I mean SELDOM) spend the extra money to purchase steaks. It was to be a beautiful holiday celebration. All was fine until Sunday.

I could almost SMELL those steaks ---as I got ready to marinate them on Sunday. I hollered to George and said, "Honey (sure I said Honey), please get the steaks out of the frig in the garage." George said, "Honey, I didn't put them in the garage frig." UH-OH (you know what is coming!!!)..... I said, "Honey, I didn't see them. I didn't put them in the kitchen frig." Double Uh-Oh.... We both looked in both refrigerators ----and guess what????? NO Steaks!!!!!

I then started looking inside the re-usuable bags (that we take to the store each week)..... Sure nuff---there were our expensive steaks in the bottom of one of the bags HIDING below the other folded-up bags. Yum---can you imagine seeing (and smelling) those steaks being OUT of the frig since Wednesday??????? YUK!!!!!! I was so upset... I had looked forward to that meal so much... Guess it wasn't meant to be...

My hubby (being the Sweetie he is) said, "Let's go and buy some more." I said "NO.... I'm not going to spend that kind of money again. We'll just wait and have steaks on another special occasion." George said OKAY---but he would have done whatever I wanted. I truly felt terrible. What a stupid mistake!!!!!! Why couldn't I have left a can of tuna or some chicken noodle soup in the bag???? Why our beautiful steaks?????? GADS!!!!!

Think they are ready for me at the Asylum?????? Maybe they'll have a bed for me... Does that look comfy?

OR----maybe I can find a "Tree Bed" ----so that I can sleep with the BIRDS... They'd love me --no matter how much of a bird-brain --oops, I mean a NUTTY person that I was!!!!!!

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. After all of my mistakes, we really did have a wonderful weekend. In fact, instead of trying to grill anything on a rainy day yesterday, we just visited one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants up here for some fajitas. Thank Goodness I didn't spill anything on me while I was there, or else, George may have to have me committed.

Now---don't laugh TOO hard at this post, or I might have to ZAP a whammy on your computer. Ha Ha Ha


P.S. All of the above pictures came from the internet!