Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Beautiful LILIES in our Yard --2019 (Part I)

Montenegro Lilies,  6/03/19
Dear Friends,  As most of you know,  we have a "Deer Eating Our Flowers"  problem at times.  As George always says (and I agree):  "I love seeing the deer as long as they are NOT in our yard".... Last year,  they loved munching on our LILIES  (one of my favorite plants).... And once they eat the lily buds/blooms --that plant is finished for the season. (At least the Roses will come back --after being munched on.)

SO during the Fall,  George dug up ten of my favorite lilies planted in the front yard,  and replanted them in containers --which we put on the deck.  This year,  I/we enjoyed watching those beautiful Lilies bloom...  I could even enjoy them, and smell their wonderful fragrance,  from inside our home --since some of them are close to one of our Sliding Glass doors... Moving the plants to the deck worked well--and I was/am a "happy girl".... Thanks, George!!!!

I have two blog posts showing our LILIES... They bloomed off and on from the middle of May   to the second week of July.  We had 12 different types of Lilies to bloom this year --and,  since the deer stayed away from our entire yard MOST of the time,  we not only had them blooming on the deck --but also in the front yard...   It has been a good year for the LILIES....  (And with the rainy winter and spring,  the deer had plenty to eat elsewhere this year..)

Hope you enjoy today's pictures.... You'll have to pick out a favorite (or two or three)....

Some of our Lilies on the deck,   6/9/19

Pink Lemonade Lilies after a rain,  6/18/19

Orange Electric Lilies,  6/8/19

This Lily, Pink Perfection,  just kept GROWING....  Not sure how tall it was,  but probably about 7+ feet.   George is 6'2" --so you decide!!!!!! ha....,  6/19/19  (NOW--see picture below!)

Pink Perfection Lilies,  6/19/19  (Thank Goodness for the zoom lens on my Canon;  otherwise it would have been hard to capture this huge Lily.)

A favorite of mine,  Muscadet Lilies, 7/3/19;  These beauties bloomed both in the front yard and on the deck.

Always a favorite,  Rosella's Dream Lilies,  6/8/19

An old-time favorite of many folks:  Stargazer Lilies,  7/6/19   (Those are Muscadet Lilies to the right.)

Golden Splendor Lilies, 6/19/19;   We were blessed to have these Lilies blooming both in the front yard and on the deck.

Purple Prince Lilies,  6/25/19

One of my favorite Lilies,  Lombardia Lily,  7/1/19;   This one's color is so amazing;  Looks like it could glow in the dark!!!!
Lilies are interesting to study... There are about 8 (or more) varieties.... Since making a 'combo' lily OR hybrid lily has become popular,  there are and will be even more varieties...

Two things come to mind of most people when thinking about Lilies... First are EASTER LILIES...  I always thought they were a Trumpet Lily --but they are in their own category,  Longiflorium Lilies...    The second thing which usually comes to mind are the DITCH LILIES.... Those are the orange lilies which grow along ditches or used as ground cover (since they are invasive and will spread)..  What you may not know is that the Ditch Lilies are actually Day Lilies --since the blooms only last a day..  BUT---since there are usually SO many blooms,  most people don't even realize that each bloom only lasts a day.

We grow Day Lilies also ---and ours get prettier every year --since the plants get bigger and stronger --and give us many more blooms per plant.....

Here's a webpage if you are interested in learning more about the VARIETIES of LILIES. Click HERE.  Two of our Asiatic Lilies in today's post are Montenegro  and Rosella's Dream.   Two of our Trumpet Lilies are Golden Splendor and Pink Perfection.  Two of our Oriental Lilies are Stargazer and Muscadet.    AND one of our Orienpet Lilies is Purple Prince.   The Orienpet Lilies are a cross between an Oriental Lily and a Trumpet Lily.  We used to have the Turk's Cap Lilies (which I always called Tiger Lilies).  We no longer have that variety.

As I have said,  Lilies are interesting --and so much fun to watch them grow and bloom.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our beautiful Lilies.... There's more to come soon!!!!!

Have an awesome day --and remember to contact those you love.  My sons have no idea how wonderful it is to hear from them.... I SMILE really big when I get those phone calls...