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Monday, March 9, 2020

Happy 78th to the Man I LOVE more than Life Itself!!!

One of George's favorite things to do is to eat SEAFOOD.  We had this delicious meal at Mt. Pleasant, SC  in  Dec, 2019
Happy Birthday to my Husband of almost 19 years.. To say these have been the BEST 19 years of my life is definitely the truest statement I could ever make.  He is my husband, my constant companion,  my lover --and most important, my BEST friend!!!

George Emery Adams was born in Gary, Indiana on March 9,  1942.  George was married for 32 years when his first wife passed away from cancer.  George and Elizabeth had 2 children,  Robert and Kelly.   Robert and family live in Oldsmar, Florida and Kelly lives in Nashville,  Tennessee.

George was a Math and Computer Science teacher for many years,  first teaching high school and then teaching college Math.   In 1997,  George left the teaching world and took what he calls  a 'real' job!!!! He became a System Analyst ---and worked in this part of his career until he retired in 2006.

George and I met in 2000 when we both took jobs and moved to Hendersonville,  Tennessee.   He moved from South Carolina and I moved from Texas.  We both feel as if God put us together  -- because once we met and started dating in March of 2001,  we fell head-over-heels in love --and were married on June 23, 2001.  Since then,  you seldom ever see one of us without the other...

I had been divorced for 20 years --and never EVER thought I'd meet the 'man in my dreams' --but when I did,  I knew I loved him almost immediately and knew that I wanted to spend my life with him.

We spent the first 10+ years of our lives together,  doing a lot of traveling, hiking,  and following our desire to see as many different waterfalls as we could possibly find... Our little Prius took us all over the place --including some back roads that would make you squirm a bit!!!!

Recently,  George developed Macular Degeneration and I got A Fib ---so our lives have had to slow down a bit.... Now ---as we 'age together' ---we find that we need each other for many other reasons than traveling or hiking.... What he forgets these days,  I can help him --and what I forget,  he helps me...  Life may be different --but the love and support is still as strong as it was in 2001, and even  more-so.

I am the most blessed person in the world,  and to you George,   THANK YOU for coming into my life and for loving ME!!!!!

Today I've picked out some pictures that were taken on some of our recent trips this past year...  I love taking pictures of my photography-loving hubby as he works so hard to get the best picture he can.... I always laugh and say:  "I take pictures but George is the real photographer in the family".  

Hope you enjoy the pictures.   Stop by and say Happy Birthday to the nicest man you could ever meet....

On the beach at Ocean Isle Beach, NC in Dec. 2019--getting the best shot he can looking at the waves as they hit the fishing pier!!!

To George,  there's nothing better than sitting on the balcony in our room at Skyland Resort  (August-2019) looking at the gorgeous views of the Shenandoah Valley below,  while sipping some HOT TEA!!

How about getting that special picture of this view of SUNRISE --from the balcony of our room at Ocean Isle Beach,  Dec, 2019?    

George LOVES his family.   We visited Robert and Melissa for Thanksgiving  in Nov. 2019.    George is an awesome cook ---and his son,  Robert,  is FANTASTIC....  

We still love to hike --but we seem to 'tucker out' more quickly these days!!!! ha...  This was taken on a hike while we were at Skyland Resort in August.

George is TALL (6' 2") but his grandson, Sean,  is even TALLER.   Handsome young man, isn't he?

George will 'climb rocks or mountains' to get that perfect picture!!! This was taken along Skyline Drive not far from Skyland Resort in August 2019.

Another little hike ---this one in Savannah,  GA  in Nov, 2019

I took this picture of my Sweetheart on March  7, 2020 --eating his favorite,  CARROT CAKE.   This was the first day of George's Birthday Trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.   
WELL---that's enough for tonight...  I'm sure I will have MANY more pictures upcoming after this wonderful trip to West Virginia... In the meantime,  we're going hiking ---and searching for some waterfalls.   Wanna come with us?????

Happy Birthday, my Love...   Don't EVER FORGET just how much I love you... Let's keep eating carrot cake and growing OLD together!!!!   Okay????