Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More from SERENITY

Yesterday, I showed you the inside of our cabin at Serenity Falls (near Cosby, TN). Today--I want to show you the area outside around that little 'holler'. Above is a picture of me standing at the Serenity Falls sign. Below are more photos from that area. (By the way, if any of you want info about these cabins --since it was so awesome, I'll be glad to share it.)

This is the little road leading into that holler. We loved it because of the authentic and historic preservation of the area, and because of the privacy. There are so many little log cabins being built in the Smokies---usually with the cabins close together with no privacy and no view. This one is SO different. We highly recommend it --if you ever get to the Smokies.

We are getting closer to the end of the road. You can see our car parked on the left at the end of the road. It is beside our cabin--and if you look closely, you can see part of the waterfall.

This is where the owners live... They renovated this old farmhouse---and it is gorgeous. These are the luckiest people in the world to live in this 'holler'.

This is a picture of another cabin which is for rent. This one was/is the "General Store".

This cabin is called "Tillie's Stall". We didn't get a picture of the 4th cabin for rent--but it is called "Will's Barn".... I would always choose the one we stayed in since it is the one closest to the waterfall... The name of our cabin is "Ed's Mill".

This little bridge goes across the creek --which runs behind the cabins. George is taking pictures of this area.

George took this picture of our cabin (deck) --from that little bridge which crosses the creek.

This is another view of the little creek--which flows on down the mountain from the waterfall. Note the pretty Forsythia bush. Did I mention that this is a beautiful place?????? ha

One of the many Forsythia bushes ---up close and personal!!!! Isn't it beautiful???

This is the 'hang-out' area near the waterfall. Besides the swing and picnic table, there are also benches and a fire-pit. The owners told us that there are LOTS of weddings here right beside the waterfall. What a neat setting for a wedding, don't you think???

I am sitting on one of the benches in the neat little area next to the waterfall. Isn't Serenity Falls one of the prettiest waterfalls you've ever seen???

I took this picture of George while we were wandering around the area taking photos. You can see our gorgeous cabin again--with that neat deck and big picture-window.

Here's one last photo --looking toward our cabin with Serenity Falls in the background. Oh---how wonderful this little vacation was!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to SERENITY

As some of you may remember, George and I went to a little cabin in Cosby, TN this past November to celebrate my birthday. My birthday is in August--but we had to put the trip off until November. While in Cosby, we checked out some waterfalls in the area. One of these waterfalls was Serenity Falls. Lo and behold, when we found Serenity, we found out that there were cabins there!!! I told George at the time that I really would love to stay at Serenity Falls sometime. This past Thursday ---we did it!!!! All I can say is WOW!!! What an incredible place!!!

This is a "Mom-and-Pop" business, and there are only four cabins. The owners live there also--and were so attentive to us and our needs. It was almost like the way folks are treated at a B&B. The cabins were totally stocked --including coffee, and the owner brought over some freshly baked cookies for us.

This little group of cabins is located in a little holler (as we mountain people call a hollow)... There are mountains on both sides, and that gorgeous waterfall is at the 'head' of the holler, just rolling down the mountain. In the 1800's, this little area was a thriving business which included a Grist Mill, a General Store, a Barn and a Stall. The area thrived until the Government bought the nearby land for the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest --which closed the road leading through the property.

The entire area deteriorated until this wonderful couple bought the property in the '90's ---and renovated the buildings into cute, little cabins. (Oh--how I wish that I had had that opportunity to buy this property at one time!!!!)

We stayed in Ed's Mill (and it was neat knowing that the cabin we were in was once a Grist Mill). The other three cabins were named: the General Store, Tillie's Stall, and Will's Barn. (Tillie Rose was the cow belonging to the original family, and Will was the original owner of the property).

We have LOTS of pictures from our 3 days at Serenity, and of our visits to see new waterfalls and other places in the area. I'll spread these pictures out over the next week or weeks. We did have quite a bit of rain while we were there ---but that didn't stop us from going-and-doing. BUT---with that gorgeous waterfall right outside our window, it was hard for me to want to go anywhere!!!! I felt like I was truly in heaven.

Today I will share pictures of our little cabin named Ed's Mill. Above is a picture of us --at Serenity Falls. Below are more!!! Hope you enjoy them! Be sure and click on them for larger photos.

This was our cabin--from the side, looking toward the waterfall in the distance. Isn't it just gorgeous?

You are just not going to believe this---but this big picture-window was in our cabin. We could sit and watch Serenity Falls FROM our comfy sofa or chairs. Isn't that truly just unbelievable???? Can you just imagine how a couple of waterfall-lovers like us felt just watching that waterfall for THREE days!!!! WOW!!!

This picture was taken from our deck--looking toward the waterfall.

This is a picture taken from the waterfall, looking back toward our cabin. You can see the front porch on the left and the deck on the right. AND--you can see that BIG picture-window where we could view the waterfall.

This picture was taken from the sofa --looking toward the deck. As you can see, there's another large window looking out on the deck. We had a flat-screen TV and a gas-log fireplace.

This picture was taken from the other side (where the TV is) ---looking toward the front of the house and the comfy sofa!!

The kitchen was loaded with everyone we needed. The living/dining/kitchen were all in the same room--and this worked out very well for us.

This was our bedroom.. The cabin was decorated so nicely--with great pictures, antique furniture, and comfy beds.

I just had to take a picture of this old antique dresser. I'm sure that 'antique-lovers' would love to have this piece of furniture. We also loved the hardwood flowers throughout the cabin.

This was the 2nd bedroom.. Quilt-lovers would love seeing all of the qults throughout the cabin. The cabin could easily sleep six people since the sofa was a sleeper sofa.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of "Ed's Mill".. I truly thought I was in HEAVEN!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Early Spring in our Yard

When we got back from Arkansas, we showed you some photos of the beginnings of spring in our yard. At that time, we had a few Daffodils and several Crocuses in bloom. Today, I will share with you a few more of our early Spring blooms. Above is one of my favorite Daffodils (Jonquils) --and its name is Fortissimo. Below are more 'beauties' in our yard.

These little Daffodils (the tiny variety with several names other than Daffodils) were given to us by Dad Adams when we first moved here in 2003.

This is the same group of little Daffodils--from another direction. Note also the little yellow Pansy left from last Fall.

This is a close-up of those sweet little Daffodils. They are just so pretty --especially in large groups of blooms.

Here's a little row of beautiful Hyacinths blooming in our side flowerbed.

This is a close-up of one of our Hyacinths. I love this color.

Isn't this little Pansy pretty???? In the Fall (for the past 3 yrs.), we have planted Pansies. This was the first year (due to the colder temperatures) that we lost quite a few of our Pansies during winter. Before this year, they lasted from late Fall through early Summer. BUT---a few of the hardy ones (like the one pictured above) have come back and are blooming again. Hopefully, more of our Pansies will come back!

Both George and I love Sempervivum (Semps).. We have them in various places, all over the yard --and they are so pretty. I had no idea there were so many varieties and colors of these little "Chicks and Hens".

This is our favorite ground cover. I don't know its 'official' name, but to us it's Periwinkle. Periwinkle is healthy and spreads nicely. I love all of the little blue flowers in the spring.

Our yard is fairly shady and there are LOTS of trees. Mowing can be a problem---so having the Periwinkle around in many areas in the yard (such as the one pictured above) not only is pretty --but also helps with the mowing situation. I have planted Hosta (which is still sleeping) around the mulched areas under the trees.

Both George and I love working in our yard --and we enjoy showing off our flowers. Over the next several months, I hope you will enjoy seeing our yard--as much as we enjoy showing it to you.

P.S. George and I are taking off today to do some 'waterfalling' and hiking in the Smokies. We're even going to stay at a cabin near a waterfall. (Can you imagine how happy that makes me!!!??) However, the weather doesn't look very promising due to rains in the area --so we may come home as 'drenched rats'.. HA! We'll be away from the computers until Sunday. Don't forget us---as we'll be home soon, with LOTS of new photos I'm sure!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Nice Place to Rest

Last Friday, while working in the yard, we saw six deer on the golf course fairway behind our house. Usually, when the deer come out to graze on the fairway grass, they are very observant --and will run away quickly if they see a human. SO--we have to be very quiet when taking their pictures.

BUT--this day was very different. The deer strolled down the fairway ---and just stopped. Then they did something I've never seen them do. Some of them (the little ones) just lay down on the ground apparently to rest a little. Soon some golfers came by... The deer did not leave or move!!!! (And that is very rare!).. The golfers hit balls around them--and went on about their business. The deer stayed there until dark! I guess that pretty grass gave them a nice place to relax and rest. We did not see them leave---but George did get some good pictures of them.

Isn't this just the sweetest little guy you've ever seen???? Wonder how old he is? Maybe he's just a baby--and they had to stop and let the younger ones rest. Wonder if this was his first 'outing'????

The larger deer seemed to 'keep watch'---while the little ones rested.

Look at that little one with his eyes closed. How Precious!

"Oh, this pretty green grass is just so comfy. I want to stay here forever."

We've posted alot of deer photos, but these just happen to be some of my favorites. As of today (5 days later), we haven't seen the deer at all. BUT---I'm sure they'll be back soon!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waterfalls at Mt. Magazine (Arkansas)

While we were on vacation in Arkansas, we saw a total of 10 waterfalls with 5 of them new. That makes our total now at 306 different waterfalls. It's hard to believe that we've seen that many different waterfalls (many of them several times) since 2001. One of our days in Arkansas was spent at Mt. Magazine State Park (west of Mt. Nebo). At Mt. Magazine, there are six wet-weather falls. We've seen all of them a few times---but this time, there was more water coming over the falls than we've ever seen (due to all of the recent rains). We were SO excited. Here are pictures of four of these falls. Above is Jestice Creek Falls. Below are more of them. Be sure and click on the pictures to see them larger.

This is a close-up shot of Jestice Creek Falls.

This is one of my favorite waterfalls, Hardy Falls. This waterfall cascades all the way down the mountain--and is just so pretty to see.

Can you see George? He loves to climb around to get all kinds of different pictures.

This is one of the close-up pictures that George took while climbing around Hardy Falls. I love this picture showing the rocks, moss, lichens, etc. Neat, huh?

A close-up view of the bottom of Hardy Falls

This is Jestice Creek Cascades. Both Hardy Falls and Jestice Creek Falls flow under the road and then connect and flow on down the mountain. Note where they connect at the top of the picture. This is a beautiful cascade but it was hard to get good pictures due to the trees/brush.

Another picture of Jestice Creek Falls --as it flows down the mountain

The fourth waterfall is named High Falls. This was a brand new waterfall for us!!!!

Here's one last picture of High Falls!!! Hope you enjoyed visiting our waterfalls with us!

By the way, yesterday George and I celebrated our 93rd MONTH-aversary. We celebrated (like we do every month) by going out to dinner. When you get married at our age, you have to celebrate the months as well as the years!!!!! ha