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Friday, September 20, 2013

Walled Garden at Biltmore House and Gardens -8/6/13

The Walled Garden from above
Our first stop on my Birthday Trip in early August was at the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  NC.   We predominantly went to see the SUNFLOWERS (click HERE to see that post) and to see the Italian Water Garden (click HERE for that post).   BUT--as we always do,  we had to stop and see what was new in the WALLED GARDEN.  Today I will share some of the beauty in that garden on that day!  Hope you enjoy it.  Be sure to enlarge the photos for better pictures.

The first photo (above) was taken when we hiked up the hill on the side of the gardens for a picture showing quite a bit of them from afar.

While we walked around the Walled Garden,  I always enjoy seeing how they decorate the ARBOR.  It's always so beautiful!  (By the way,  there were alot of people there that day --and I 'zapped' them out of the photos!!!!)

Here is one of the big Hibiscus blooms in the Walled Garden.

This is the view showing part of the gardens.  They have different things blooming each season of the year (except winter).  It's so much fun to compare the colors during the seasons...

Here is a neat photo showing some of the colors through the arbor window...

These colors along the edge of the Walled Gardens were so vivid.... Beautiful,  don't you think?

Here  is a photo showing the colors in the Walled Garden from another angle... It's hard to choose a favorite shot...

Here is another Hibiscus bloom.   This one is a favorite of mine.  They are HUGE.

This  is a close-up of some of the Coleus blooms along the Arbor.   They were so gorgeous!

Here is a photo of some of the ROSE beds.  We saw some pretty roses  (some we may even want to order IF we had a bigger yard --ha ha).

Here's another photo showing some of the colors looking out from inside the Arbor.

Finally,  here's one more photo showing the beautiful flowers and colors in the Walled Garden...  Hope ---if you haven't been there,  you can make it to the Biltmore House and Gardens sometime.  We are so fortunate to have season's passes --so we get to go often.  Visiting the house is nice --but since we can't take photos inside,  we enjoy the gardens much more...

I have a Prayer Request for my niece, Diane.  She is having a rough time in her life and needs your prayers and thoughts.  I was blessed yesterday when I put this request on Facebook and got 54+ comments sending prayers to Diane.  Facebook is WONDERFUL.  Thank You for your prayers and thoughts today.  

I am taking the rest of the month OFF from Blogging in order to do some more Genealogy work.   I hope each of you have a great month ---and I'll see you again on October 2nd..