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Monday, May 8, 2017

Chau Ram County Park Visit, Westminster, South Carolina 5/6/17

George getting pictures of RAMSEY CASCADES 
While traveling on May 6,   George and I stopped for a little hiking plus checking out a waterfall in the Chau Ram County Park near Westminster,  SC.  This is the neatest little park ---and if you are ever traveling along Highway 76 between Clayton,  Georgia,  and Westminster,  South Carolina,  take a few minutes to visit here.

The park gets its name from two bodies of water which converge here..  One is Ramsey Creek and one is Chauga River... Hence--the name CHAU RAM County Park.

Since we were 'on the road' we didn't stay long --but we were there long enough to check out some of the park and its beauty...  Today I'll share some of the pictures we took that day...   You can click on the pictures to see enlargements...

The gorgeous  MOUNTAIN LAUREL was in bloom...  AWESOME!!!

A close-up picture of the MOUNTAIN LAUREL in bloom

Reflections of the Mountain Laurel in the water 

We crossed the CHAUGA RIVER on the SWINGING BRIDGE  you can see in this picture...

As we hiked on the 'other' side of the CHAUGA RIVER,  we stopped to get a picture of the WATER rushing over the rocks!!!!   

I took this picture of George as he climbed around on the rocks to get some good 'water pictures'.

The one thing I think about when looking at my pictures from this little park is PEACE....  This is a fantastic and PEACEFUL place...

Can you see me?????   George took this picture of me on the Swinging Bridge!!!!  (That is a little 'island' between the waters of the Chauga River.)

Beautiful MOUNTAIN LAUREL in full bloom!
I'll close with one more picture of the Mountain Laurel in bloom....   Hope you enjoyed our little visit to this amazing park...

Have an awesome week...