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Monday, January 14, 2019

A Year Full of Pure JOY

Great Granddaughter,  Vivian Lee,  born 1/11/18
When I look back at 2018,    I don't just think of all of the health problems I have had.   Instead,  I look at this little Bundle of Preciousness  who has brought so much love and joy into the lives of my entire family.

My Great Granddaughter,  Vivian Lee,  was born on January 11, 2018.   Since her birth,  most all of us in her family have enjoyed sharing lots of pictures and videos of Vivi's first year.  I think I have shared more pictures of her than I have anyone else!!!!   What a wonderful way to spend a year!!!!   AND --the best news is that there will hopefully be many many more to come.

Today I'll share some of my favorite Vivi-Photos  throughout 2018.    Hope this little angel will bring a smile to your face today!

Here are just a few more pictures I love.

Vivi and her adorable Mama,  Brooke-- all dressed up for Christmas!

Son  Mark with his Granddaugther Vivi Lee;  He is her "Pappa"

My favorite picture of all:   Vivian looking at her mother, Brooke, my Granddaughter

Great Grammy Betsy with her little angel,  Vivian Lee
WELL---I could go on and on and on ---but I'll stop!!!!!   Hope you enjoyed seeing just a dab of Vivian's first year.   As I have said so many times,   she has brought so much joy into our lives.

But --even though the first year of her life is over,  hopefully I'll be sharing pictures for many years to come.   AND --the best news is that Vivi Lee will have a little Sister  (Veronica) in May of this year.   YEAH RAH....

Have an awesome week...