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Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's Talk Friday: Easter Memories

All Christians know and celebrate EASTER each year.  This is the time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah!

However,  today I want us to talk about some SECULAR Easter memories... I'm going to list some possibilities  ---and then you can pick out a few memories to share with all of us.

Did you decorate Easter Eggs as a child ---or do (did) you decorate them with your own children????   My funny memory about Easter Eggs was when I was a little girl,  our eggs were ALWAYS the real thing.  There were no plastic eggs back then.  We would decorate them --and then hide them in the yard.   Almost every year,  there was at least one of those eggs which I could not find.  Even my parents (who hid them) couldn't find it....  A few weeks later,  we would find it---simply by SMELLING it!!!! ha

Did the Easter bunny bring you something on Easter morning?????

Did the Easter bunny bring you an Easter basket?   I remember feeling like it was Christmas morning----because when I would get up that day,  I just knew that the Easter Bunny was bringing me a special basket filled with eggs and more.

I don't remember getting much candy in my Easter basket back then--but what I do remember is buying my kids (who are now in their 40's) those big chocolate bunnies to go in their baskets...

The thing I remember about those big chocolate bunnies was that they were the worst tasting chocolate I had ever had!!!!!  (Wonder if that was because I bought the cheapest ones available?????)   However--my 3 sons loved them and ate every bite!!! ha

Did you wear an Easter Bonnet to church????   I used to, when I was a little girl ---along with fancy gloves and new shoes,  and a new dress.   However,  I don't think I ever wore a hat like the one pictured above... ha ha

I just have to include this picture...  (ALL of my pictures today are from the internet.)  Anyhow---I googled Easter Outfits and this one popped up..  I  absolutely love that little Easter outfit that little girl has on.   It is gorgeous...  My Easter Outfits NEVER looked that cute...

I raised three sons (no girls) ---so I couldn't 'frilly' them up on Easter... However,  just ask my sons about the year I bought and made them all wear those gross beautiful LEISURE SUITS....  Anyone remember them?????? ha ha

Did you make any cute little Easter crafts????  This one using the gloves is adorable.  It's a Glove Puppet.

Finally,  I have always thought of Easter when I see Easter Lilies... Going to church on Easter Sunday and seeing the church decorated with Easter Lilies is a memory I will always cherish.   There have been many years when I placed a Lily in church on Easter Sunday in memory of my parents.  After the worship service,  we could take those Lilies home with us to enjoy in our homes.   OR--we could give the Lily to the area nursing home or to an elderly person to enjoy.

OH--so many memories I have about the JOYS of EASTER....  Not only do I enjoy the real Easter Message,  but I also enjoy all of the other things which make Easter enjoyable for all.   Now--it's your turn!!!!!   Tell us one (or more) of your special Easter memories.

Have a very Happy Easter --and a great weekend.  I will see you on Monday.