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Friday, May 1, 2009

More Wildlife in Alaska

Yesterday I posted some pictures taken by my son, Bert, when he worked on a small cruise line in Alaska in 2004. He took so many fabulous pictures while there. Today, I'll show you more of his 'wildlife' photos. The picture above is one of my fav's.... Isn't that the sweetest picture you have ever seen???? That little seal is definitely a "Cutie Pie".... More pictures are below.

What do you think that is??????????? WELL--it's a tail of a humpback whale.

That's a big humpback, isn't it?

Anyone got a kleenix? I need to blow my nose!!!

The breaching humpback is doing a dance for the people on the cruise ship.

Uh Oh---there are some ORCAS (killer whales)!!! Yipes!!!

The killer whales are following along side of the boat. Bert says there's a real advantage of taking a cruise in Alaska on one of the smaller cruise boats. They can get much closer to the wildlife and the glaciers, etc. BUT---cruising on one of the smaller boats can be more expensive than going on one of the gigantic ships. SO---each person will have to decide for themselves how to 'see' Alaska.

This one wants to join the crew for dinner!!!! Do you think he may be JUST a little too close????? ha

HELP!!!! The boat is going too fast... It's getting ahead of me!!!

NO----this is not a Bluebird's nest!!!!! ha ha ha.... We checked the nest twice yesterday and there were still FOUR eggs there... I was a little disappointed---but who knows???? Maybe this couple are only going to have FOUR babies (instead of five or six). I'll check the nest again today ---and let you know Saturday before we leave for the beach...

Speaking of the beach, we are leaving Saturday morning and will be there until Sunday, May 10. We're going to Ocean Isle, NC (north of North Myrtle Beach). We have gone there in May for several years. I will post one more blog tomorrow---but while we are gone, we won't have computer access. So we probably won't start our blogs back until Monday or Tuesday, May 11 or 12. Forgive me for not commenting on your blogs as much as I usually do. We got extremely busy yesterday and today... Thanks for understanding!

By the way, that unique and gorgeous Iris pictured above in our yard has the name of Floor Show. Neat, isn't it?????