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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn in the Smokies -Part I

The first day of our trip was spent seeing the Fall colors in the Smokies,  the Blue Ridge Parkway and Balsam Mtn. Road.  If you missed yesterday's post,  be sure and click on Older Post --at the bottom of today's blog.   There is an explanation of our trip on that post.

We took Highway 441 from Gatlinburg over the mountain to Cherokee, NC.   Today's pictures are all from the overlooks along that beautiful stretch of road..  Above is a picture of the Chimneys,  which is one of the popular hikes in the Smokies.  Below are more pictures of the beauty that we saw.

This ole woman absolutely LOVES Autumn --and all of the colors!!!! Can you tell????? ha ha

I love seeing the blue skies in this picture....  Aren't the colors just gorgeous?

Every Autumn,  depending upon the weather,  the colors are a little bit different.   This year is no exception...  I love seeing the mountain ranges--but shooting directly into the sun isn't always easy!!!!

George is standing with one foot in each state,   Tennessee and North Carolina.  This is Newfound Gap,  a popular stopping place along Highway 441 over the mountain.  

This is a gorgeous picture showing the beautiful reds. Red is my favorite Fall color --although this year,  I particularly enjoyed the maroons also.

Finally, here's another 'beauty' for you showing more of the mountain ranges... You certainly know why they are called the "SMOKY" Mountains,  don't you?

Hope you have enjoyed Part I of my photos.   I'll post Part II soon.  

Yesterday,  we visited blog friend, MILDRED, and her hubby, John,  in Georgia.  Had a FABULOUS time...  She blogged about our visit today --and I'll blog about it tomorrow.  Because we were gone ALL day,  I didn't get to comment on blogs much yesterday...  I promise that I will catch up with you SOON.  Don't give up on me!!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

P.S.  Since most of you know that we haven't had any rain in a long time,  I want to report that we had a really good rain Sunday night/Monday morning....   It rained off and on all night... Yeah Rah... We really needed it!!!!!   We may even get some more this week...  Thanks to those of you who have been doing the Rain Dance for us!!!