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Monday, August 20, 2018

DayLilies in our Yard --Part I, Summer of 2018

Day Lily Bed---6/25/18
Dear Friends,   I've talked briefly about how pretty the Day Lilies in our yard have been this Summer...  I think they have been prettier (and many more of them) than previous years...  I actually have two more blog posts besides this one ready to share sometime with you.   AND these 3  posts only feature about 42 of our 70+ varieties located throughout our yard.  I had to pick and choose which ones to share --and that was hard since they all are so pretty.

The picture above show what one of our Day Lily beds looked like on 6/25/18...   Hope you enjoy seeing all of the ones I have chosen to feature today.

Blushing Summer Valentine Day Lily --6/8/18

Paper Butterfly Day Lily ---6/11/18

Custard Candy Day Lily---6/13/18

Bahama Butterscotch  Day Lilies ---6/15/18

Dancing Shiva Day Lily---6/15/18

Strawberry Candy Day Lilies---6/16/18

Fooled Me Day Lily ---6/16/18

South Seas Day Lily --6/16/18

Persian Market Day Lily ---6/16/18

Wineberry Candy Day Lilies---6/17/18

Indian Giver  Day Lilies ---6/18/18  (one of my favorites)

Lavender Vista Day Lily---6/20/18

Frankly Scarlet Day Lilies ---6/20/18

Eye Yi Yi Day Lily---6/21/18
As you can tell,   this group represents some of our JUNE DAY LILIES.... We order our Day Lilies from Oakes Daylilies right here in TN...  AND--we only buy re-bloomers  (which bloom again in Fall).  They are all perennials --so they come back again,  year after year!   Click HERE to check out Oakes  Daylilies!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these..  I love seeing them in big groups --but I also love to feature them individually so that you can see the details...They are all different --one from another,  but so pretty... Do you have a favorite from this group?

Have a wonderful week.