Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JANUARY. Here in Fairfield Glade, January is usually a cold month with some snow!!!! This picture was taken along the Druid Hill Golf Course near our home, one winter in January. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

DayLilies in our Yard --Part I, Summer of 2018

Day Lily Bed---6/25/18
Dear Friends,   I've talked briefly about how pretty the Day Lilies in our yard have been this Summer...  I think they have been prettier (and many more of them) than previous years...  I actually have two more blog posts besides this one ready to share sometime with you.   AND these 3  posts only feature about 42 of our 70+ varieties located throughout our yard.  I had to pick and choose which ones to share --and that was hard since they all are so pretty.

The picture above show what one of our Day Lily beds looked like on 6/25/18...   Hope you enjoy seeing all of the ones I have chosen to feature today.

Blushing Summer Valentine Day Lily --6/8/18

Paper Butterfly Day Lily ---6/11/18

Custard Candy Day Lily---6/13/18

Bahama Butterscotch  Day Lilies ---6/15/18

Dancing Shiva Day Lily---6/15/18

Strawberry Candy Day Lilies---6/16/18

Fooled Me Day Lily ---6/16/18

South Seas Day Lily --6/16/18

Persian Market Day Lily ---6/16/18

Wineberry Candy Day Lilies---6/17/18

Indian Giver  Day Lilies ---6/18/18  (one of my favorites)

Lavender Vista Day Lily---6/20/18

Frankly Scarlet Day Lilies ---6/20/18

Eye Yi Yi Day Lily---6/21/18
As you can tell,   this group represents some of our JUNE DAY LILIES.... We order our Day Lilies from Oakes Daylilies right here in TN...  AND--we only buy re-bloomers  (which bloom again in Fall).  They are all perennials --so they come back again,  year after year!   Click HERE to check out Oakes  Daylilies!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these..  I love seeing them in big groups --but I also love to feature them individually so that you can see the details...They are all different --one from another,  but so pretty... Do you have a favorite from this group?

Have a wonderful week.