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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Night Snow

I've seen many bloggers' snow pictures recently --but don't think I have seen many taken or shown at night. On Tuesday evening, Feb. 9, about 9 p.m., we had the nicest little snow here. It was one of those snows that I truly love ---one that clings to everything, is wet and has BIG flakes. I was SO excited!!!!!

I couldn't wait to wake up the next morning and see that beautiful snow...... BUT----guess what???? The rains came during the night and the snow was mostly all gone by the morning. Sigh!!!!!

Glad we took a few night photos... Here they are for you. Above was one taken of our front yard as we stood on the front porch. More are below.

Here's a picture of one of our Holly bushes in the front yard.

The umbrella on our deck was collecting snow... Like I said, this was a snow which was clinging to everything!!!!

Look at the snow as it collects on our swing on the deck. It looks like a piece of cotton, doesn't it????

I love this picture looking from the deck out into the backyard. Isn't the Rhododendron just beautiful????

The snow was clinging to the trees in the backyard.

Here's a close-up of the top of our large Rhododendron. The snow was so pretty clinging to it.

Here's one more picture of part of the Rhododendron next to our deck.

Finally, here's one more picture of the front yard. It was such a pretty snow! Too bad it didn't last.... You missed me making a snow angel JUST for you... What a shame!!!!!!! har har har

Even though I love snow, I need to send a blog {{{{{{HUG}}}}} to all of my friends who are suffering due to having TOO much snow in their areas of the country. I also need to invite ALL of you to move to the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee since we truly do not get much snow here. (Hope I don't have to eat my words for saying this!!!! ha)