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Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Backyard Birds

It almost feels like Spring here in Tennessee this weekend. If we could get rid of that strong north wind, it would really feel warm!!!! BUT--I'm not complaining. The sunshine is WONDERFUL. The birds know that it's almost spring...They wake me up about 6 a.m. SINGING to the top of their lungs. There's LOVE in the air!!!!!

I thought that they would quit coming to the feeders as much now that the bad weather has passed--but so far, they are still very active. I have some good pictures to share with you today. Above is a picture of a colorful male Cardinal. He is really getting his beautiful red color back now. Bet he is looking for that special female in his life!!! Ya think????

We still have 50 or more Goldfinches at our feeders off and on all day long. This is our largest group of birds this winter. I love the picture of this little guy.. He is also beginning to get his pretty spring color. I can get much better pictures of the birds when the sun is shining and when there is blue sky in the background.

This little Carolina Wren was enjoying some breakfast early this morning. I like the way the sun was shining on him.

Guess what Mr. Bluebird was doing???????? (See the next picture!!!)

Mr. Blue is waiting on Pete (my resident Red-bellied Woodpecker) to finish his turn at the suet feeder... There are TWO suet feeders in this picture--but Mr. Blue obviously likes this one.....???? (By the way, 'something' has come at nights on two different occasions on our deck and 'stolen' one of the suet feeders from off the clothes line. Wonder what kind of critter can get it off of the clothesline without disturbing the clothespen holding it???????? We have NOT found either feeder! It's a mystery!!!!)

Pete is obviously taking his time at the feeder... He's not using his manners, is he???? By the way, note how some of the birds who eat Suet use their tails to help hold onto the feeder. Pete has a BIG bite, doesn't he?

All of the pictures above this one were taken in March... These next four pictures (including this one) were taken in February, but I haven't posted them yet. This little guy is another fav, one of our Tufted Titmice.

I have mentioned to some of you that my crazy Bluebirds love the Nyjer seed that I buy for the Goldfinches... They love to "hog" that feeder... They also love the suet... I have never bought mealworms--but maybe I will sometime. I have 'shot' my bird budget already (as George can tell you)... ha ha

What is that big bird at the suet feeder????? He's much larger than the feeder... That's a Pileated Woodpecker... He comes to the feeder about once a day--but I don't always get his picture. This picture was taken in February--and I haven't seen him at the feeders since. (Note that the Goldfinches in the plate feeder aren't bothered at all about the big woodpecker!!!)

"Hello. My name is Samson," says the Pileated Woodpecker. "I am all powerful!"

Hope you have enjoyed this latest group of pictures of my backyard birds... They bring so much joy to me!!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!