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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Nothing Better than Family/Friends --and a Great Granddaughter

George, me,  Kelly,  Janet (May 26, 2018)
Dear Friends,    What an awesome month and a half George and I have had!!!!!  It's been all about catching up with family and friends.... Today I will share with you some of the many photos we have taken!!!!!!   Hope you enjoy seeing my HAPPY face as I share my family and friends!!!!

The picture above is George's sister,  Janet,   and his daughter,  Kelly.  They came for a visit and a meal with us Saturday,  May 25.  This picture was taken in our backyard on the deck.

At Bert and Mark's new home --on Mother's Day,  May 13;    Bert (on left) and Mark now live in Maryville, TN.  I love having them so close to us now since we get to see them more.   If you missed my terrific Mother's Day Blog Post,  click HERE.

George, me,  Diana, Mark  (May 20);    Mark's special friend from Texas came to Tennessee for the weekend,  and Mark brought Diana to see us!  This photo was taken on our deck in the backyard.  To read more about Diana's visit,  click HERE

My God-daughter,  Cathy,  and her three beautiful daughters,  came to visit on May 30th.
First Row: George, Cathy,  Betsy,  Bert
Second Row:  Mark, Rhiannon,  Deirdre,  and Aine 
Cathy and hubby, Rich,  live in Texas --and stopped by to see us after attending a wedding in PA.   Cathy and her Mom (also named Cathy) lived with us for several years when Cathy, Mark and Jeff  were teenagers.   We lived in New Orleans and then in Houston during those years (1980's-90's).   Cathy was the daughter I never had... AND it was GREAT to see her all grown up with fantastic kids of her own!!!!!!   We had a wonderful evening catching up when they were here...  SO much laughter and fun---and oh, the memories!!!!!

I love this picture of Pappa (Granddad Mark) with his granddaughter,  Vivi Lee  (May 27, 2018)



George and I drove to Seven Devils,  North Carolina on Sunday,  May 27,  for a WILHITE REUNION...  The only problem was that 2 of our 3 sons couldn't be there.    BUT---there were LOTS of other family members, and we all had a wonderful day together.  Thanks to Mel and Sally for hosting this big group!!

This was my first time to meet my GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER,  Vivian Lee (Vivi)... Oh My Heart ---what a beauty!!!!! She was 4 1/2 months old when I met her on the 27th...

Look at Vivi giving this ole Grammy the 'eye'....... ha ha 

Vivi and Grammy had to have an important conversation!!!!!   I was trying to convince her  that she needs to go home with ME!!!!!   Somehow though,  her Mom and Dad  (Brooke and Tristan) don't think that would be a very good idea.  Ha!!

My favorite picture!!!!!!!   Funny-looking Grammy made Vivi SMILE!!!!!!!  Isn't she just adorable?

Me,  Jeff  (youngest son, born in 1971),  Mark (middle son, born in 1970), and Bert (oldest son, born in 1963),  and Jeff's wonderful wife and my daughter -in-law, Dawn
This past Sunday,  June 3,   George and I,  Mark, and Bert  all traveled to Georgia for a day with  Jeff and Dawn at their beautiful home...   Having all three sons together is such a blessing..... Jeff and Dawn fixed us a fabulous dinner---and we enjoyed chatting/chatting/chatting...  Pure JOY!!!!

When I put this picture on Facebook,  I apologized to my friends that the photo was so foggy-looking.  Let's just call it 'soft focus'..... ha ha .....  NO--really what happened was that the camera had been in an air-conditioned house,  and when we went outside to get some pictures in the heat/humidity after the rain,  not only did my glasses fog up --but so did the camera!!!!!  Sorry!!!!

We have another special event coming up on Monday (June 11).  Bert is taking George and me  (and maybe Mark--if he doesn't have to work) to the Smokies  (Elkmont) to see the FIREFLIES....  (I call them Lightning Bugs.)   That should be amazing!!!!!

Well--- this is some of my wonderful family and part of George's.   Prayers for George's brother, Ken,  who lives in Indiana and has cancer.   Thanks....   My health is better --but I'm still struggling with A-Fib (which limits what I can do)... BUT--the key word is BETTER.

Have a great week...