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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cossatot Falls, Arkansas

George and I spent last week in beautiful Arkansas.   On our first full day there,  we searched and found THREE new waterfalls to us.  All three were nice (in the Ouachita National Forest area) ---but the one which impressed me the most was this one,  Cossatot Falls.  This area is near Athens, Arkansas.

These falls, however,  are not really a waterfall --but more like a series of cascades about a quarter of a mile long which roar and splash through many boulders that have been polished smooth by the powerful action of the Cossatot River.

This is a very popular kayaking area ---and the name,  Cossatot,  means "Skull Crusher"....   I'm sure there have been some skulls 'crushed' if kayaking here. Yipes!!!!

When we were there on Feb. 27th,  we were the only ones around ... So,  again,  we had this beautiful area all to ourselves.  Hope you enjoy our pictures.  Be sure to enlarge them for larger views. 

We had to cross a couple of bridges to get out to the river..

I wanted to just stay here and relax and just enjoy this area.

We climbed all over those rocks...  The pictures don't really do this area justice... It's one of those places where you just have to 'be there' to appreciate the beauty.

This gal is HAPPY to be here... I would love to see kayakers in this area... (As you can see,  I am wearing my Camera Vest.  It is so wonderful ---and keeps my camera from swinging back and forth while I am walking.)

Here is a picture of some of the largest cascades in the area.  Enlarge this photo for a better view.  Isn't the water's color just beautiful?

AND---while hubby wanders around getting more pictures,  this ole woman has time to sit and relax awhile.  (See our car in the background??)

Finally,  I love this picture of the area... Enlarge this one also...  This is one of the most unusual 'waterfall' areas we have ever seen.   Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our photos.

I have tried to catch up on most blogs this week.   BUT--we are getting ready to leave again soon...  I'll try to catch up SOMEDAY...   I do hope you have a good week.