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Thursday, January 21, 2010

And There Were Three

On our anniversary trip in June of 2007, one of our stops was to the Jamestown Settlement, a living-history museum of 17th century Virginia. We enjoyed a re-creation of the James Fort, a Powhatan Indian Village, and we checked out the first three ships which brought the Colonists to Jamestown.

Since we took so many pictures that day, I will share with you only the three ships today. Above is my favorite picture. Her name is the SUSAN CONSTANT. Captain John Smith came to our country on this ship. Below are more pictures !

The other two ships were named DISCOVERY (left) and GODSPEED (right). We toured all three of them while we were there.

Capt. George is ready to head out to sea!!!! Wanna go with us?

Captain George asked me to steer with the tiller... Aren't you impressed????

Here is one of the small cannons inside of one of the boats.

We were on the Susan Constant and I was checking out the captain's quarters!!!! Quite comfy if I say so myself!!!!

Captain George looks like he is ready to fire at the Discovery!!!!! Mercy Me!!!!

Here's one more picture of the Susan Constant. The Godspeed and the Discovery were directly beyond this one.

I will post more Jamestown pictures on other posts. I had studied and learned about Jamestown for many years, but had never been there until we took this trip in 2007. We had an awesome time!