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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Orton Plantation and Gardens-Part II

I hope you saw yesterday's blog telling about Orton Plantation and Gardens. Today, I'm giving you six more pictures taken on that vacation to the Wilmington, NC area in May of 2007. Above is a photo that many of my blogger friends (the ones who love butterflies) will LOVE. Below are six more. Hope you enjoy our tour of Orton Plantation and Gardens.

When we were there, it was cloudy and drizzly. BUT--I still think you can get an idea as to how beautiful these gardens were.

This picture above is for Barb (Bird Girl). She visited Orton --and wanted to see a picture of the chapel on the grounds. This precious little chapel is where they have weddings almost every weekend. SO pretty!!

Take note (above) of the beautiful fountain and little statue in the middle.. Look carefully at the statue before going to the photo below.

Okay---don't laugh!!! Don't you think she makes a good statue???? Tee Hee!!!

Aren't the Azaleas gorgeous???

As a good southern girl would say, "Y'all come back now!"