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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Babies in my Home

I seldom participate in a 'tag' ---but LOVE reading them since I learn so much about blogger friends that way. Yesterday, my friend Arkansas PATTI chose some questions from PLINKY/PROMPTS and answered them on her blog... I enjoyed reading that so much, so I have decided to answer some of those questions for you today and tomorrow, along with sharing more of my Christmas sweeties with you.

Above is a picture of one of my Santas. Below are more---including some Q&A's just for you. I encourage you to choose some of the many questions offered on Plinky --and tell us more about yourself this way... It's really FUN--and we do learn alot about each other.

Here's a cute little snowman who lives with us during Christmas!!!

Q&A's from Plinky:
What helps you wake up in the morning?---My birdies (especially the Cardinals), begging for breakfast

Your high school reunion is tomorrow--what lies do you tell people about yourself?.... "Of course I don't 'color' my hair!"

Name some things that make you wish you were a kid again?... What do you mean??? I'm still a kid, aren't I?????ha ha (I guess I'd love some of their ENERGY.)

Meet Mr. Christmas Bear!!!!

Another of our sweet little Santas

More Q&A's
What chore do you wish you had a servant to perform? ... Housecleaning; As much as I enjoy yard work, I truly detest vacuuming and dusting... Anyone volunteer to help me?????

If you had to lose one of your senses for a month, which would you choose? ... I guess TASTE--since maybe (just maybe) I wouldn't enjoy food so much!!!! ha.... Definitely don't want to lose my SIGHT since there is still so much to see!!!

What was your dream occupation that never occurred? ... Several: a Pilot, an Accountant, a Weather-Girl (think I must have been this in a previous lifetime)... ha

I'll answer six more questions tomorrow!!!!!

Another of our little snowmen

And finally, I want you to meet my Christmas COW..... Bet you don't have one of these, do you??????? ha ha

Have a wonderful weekend.