Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to DECEMBER!!!! My header picture this month is a beautiful photo from our trip last year to "Christmas at Biltmore"... Being there to see that beauty just makes Christmas more special for us! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Babies in my Home

I seldom participate in a 'tag' ---but LOVE reading them since I learn so much about blogger friends that way. Yesterday, my friend Arkansas PATTI chose some questions from PLINKY/PROMPTS and answered them on her blog... I enjoyed reading that so much, so I have decided to answer some of those questions for you today and tomorrow, along with sharing more of my Christmas sweeties with you.

Above is a picture of one of my Santas. Below are more---including some Q&A's just for you. I encourage you to choose some of the many questions offered on Plinky --and tell us more about yourself this way... It's really FUN--and we do learn alot about each other.

Here's a cute little snowman who lives with us during Christmas!!!

Q&A's from Plinky:
What helps you wake up in the morning?---My birdies (especially the Cardinals), begging for breakfast

Your high school reunion is tomorrow--what lies do you tell people about yourself?.... "Of course I don't 'color' my hair!"

Name some things that make you wish you were a kid again?... What do you mean??? I'm still a kid, aren't I?????ha ha (I guess I'd love some of their ENERGY.)

Meet Mr. Christmas Bear!!!!

Another of our sweet little Santas

More Q&A's
What chore do you wish you had a servant to perform? ... Housecleaning; As much as I enjoy yard work, I truly detest vacuuming and dusting... Anyone volunteer to help me?????

If you had to lose one of your senses for a month, which would you choose? ... I guess TASTE--since maybe (just maybe) I wouldn't enjoy food so much!!!! ha.... Definitely don't want to lose my SIGHT since there is still so much to see!!!

What was your dream occupation that never occurred? ... Several: a Pilot, an Accountant, a Weather-Girl (think I must have been this in a previous lifetime)... ha

I'll answer six more questions tomorrow!!!!!

Another of our little snowmen

And finally, I want you to meet my Christmas COW..... Bet you don't have one of these, do you??????? ha ha

Have a wonderful weekend.