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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where we were on 9/11/01

Yesterday, as I read many bloggers post about what they were doing on 9/11/01, I decided that I needed to share exactly what George and I were doing that year. We had just gotten married in June, and took our "Honeymoon Cruise" from September 9-16. We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and boarded the "Monarch of the Sea" for a 7 day cruise to the South Caribbean. While there, we visited and toured St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados.

We had a fabulous week---but knowing what had happened in our country on that Tuesday really was hard for us. The cruise/trip went ON (what else could we do?)---but in the back of our minds for the remainder of our trip was that tragedy which happened in the USA.

We luckily were able to get our flight back to the states on Sunday, Sept. 16. BUT---flying into the usually busy airport at Atlanta really spooked us. NOBODY was at the Atlanta airport (other than soldiers). For the first time, we realized what truly had happened --- all of which had seemed like a dream to us until now.

Once we got back to Nashville, we picked up our car and headed home. We were amazed to see American flags EVERYWHERE ---on cars, trucks, buildings, homes, everywhere. We talked to family and friends trying to catch up. But--I truly don't think that George and I EVER felt the true impact of that day in our country's history---until yesterday.

Yesterday, I took time and watched 9/11 specials on TV off and on all day---and just sat there and cried and cried. I think that I finally understood how that horrible day in our lives affected all of us---in so many ways. God Bless us ALL. Here's what George and I were doing on that day in history. This was our day at St. Maarten.

The start of what we thought was going to be a beautiful day; George and I got up early every morning to see the sunrise. Little did we know what was going to happen in our country that day!

I was watching America's Cup yachts from the deck of the "Monarch of the Seas" that morning..

Once ashore we visited Fort Louis on the French side of the island.

The flag of France above the ruins of Fort Louis

A picture of us at Fort Louis, showing more of the island in the background.

Marigot harbor from Fort Louis

We rode on a semi-submersible, on which we sailed to Creole Rock (see his profile?).

From the submersible, we got to watch a diver feeding the fish.

We then stopped at an overlook on the Dutch side of the island.

Here's a golden sunset taken from the top deck of our ship that night.

The sun went down into the water ---as we sat and thought about what happened that very day in our country. At that time, even though we were very sad, I don't think that we truly understood the impact that tragedy had on everyone.

I hope that nothing like that ever happens to our country again. May God help us all!