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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alphabet Meme

SUZ has a Letter Meme going. I played along because it is easy and I like easy.
Here's the deal:
Leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter.
Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
Post the list on your blog.
When people comment on your list, you assign a letter, and the game continues.
I will only assign a letter if you request it, so don't hesitate to comment ...

The letter that Suzanne gave me is letter "R". This was the BEST meme I've done---so I hope you enjoy reading my "R" words (not listed in any specific order)...

1. ROMANCE---Since I met George, I truly know what romance and love is all about. Up to that point, I'm not sure I ever knew!!!! Thanks Honey for coming into my life and giving me so much romance and love!

2. RESEARCH--- I really enjoy Genealogy. I have been working on my Family History for about 3 years now. It is so exciting to do research and connect with my past. I've also connected with several cousins, some of which I didn't even know I had.

3. RAKING---I truly enjoy raking leaves. First of all, it's great exercise (which I need), and it's one of those tasks that I can actually see some progress when I do it. Even if more leaves come down (and they will), I enjoy raking---and of course, I love rolling around in the leaves also!!!

4. RED----I love the color red, not so much to wear, but because of the 'red' birds that I love and adore (Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Cardinals, etc.). I began birding last summer when the bluebirds nested in my yard. After that, I joined the 'birder' club-- fast and furiously--and love every minute watching and learning about my birds.

5. RELIGION ---George and I keep God at the center of our lives. We feel that God is the one who brought us together --and we thank God every single day for his love, and also for caring for us.

6. RECREATION---I love being outdoors. I love nature. I love hiking --and especially seeing waterfalls. There's no better way to experience God's presence than to be hiking and come across a gorgeous waterfall in the mountains ---which is there JUST for US!!! Wow!

7. RETIREMENT--- I worked full time (MANY hours a week) ALL of my adult life, until 2003. My family and friends told me that I would never be happy retired. HA---did I ever fool them!!! I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. For someone like me who has 'tons' of hobbies and interests, retirement is the BEST time of my life!!!

8. ROSES---I love gardening (flowers). George and I love yard-work--and we both work hard at keeping our yard pretty and having flowers blooming most of the year. My favorite flowers are our beautiful hybrid-tea roses. George grows roses--and he loves and cares for them like one would a child. Last year we had about 32 different rose varieties growing in our yard. Lucky for me, George brings in a beautiful rose and puts it in a vase on our dining room table almost every day from spring through fall. Many days, I have 6-8 roses on the table. How many women can say this???? Woooo---he spoils me!!! (The picture above is one of our beauties and one of my favs, named Double Delight.)

9. RAIN and RAINBOWS---- Many of you know that I have a love for weather and weather-related stories. AND, many of you know that I love SNOW (even though we haven't had much at all so far--Boo Hiss). IF Suzanne had have given me an "S" ---Snow would have been near the top of my list. BUT---I also like rain, clouds, sunshine, rainbows, etc.--anything having to do with weather. I still think I must have been a 'weather girl' in a past life!!!!!! ha

10. REJOICING---- I am rejoicing because of all of the wonderful family and friends who are in my life including all of my new blogger friends!!!!! Thanks be to God for ALL of you!