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Friday, March 30, 2012

Rockhouse Hike at Mt. Magazine, Arkansas

Everytime we go to Mt. Nebo in Arkansas,  we take a trip a little farther west of there to visit another favorite mountain of ours,  Mt. Magazine.  This year was no exception.   The area which we love in Arkansas consists of a series of mountains (Mt. Nebo, Petit Jean, Mt. Magazine) which lie between the Ouachita Mountains to the south and the Ozarks to the north.  Mt. Magazine is the largest of these mountains,  and there is a hike one can take to the top point of Mt. Magazine which says that it is the highest point in the state of Arkansas.

We love Mt. Magazine for its views of the  Petit Jean Valley below;   for its waterfalls;  for the good food at the lodge restaurant;  and for its hikes.  This time (Feb. 28, 2012),  since it was rainy and foggy,  we took a hike down the mountain to visit a rockhouse and a small creek.  Here are our pictures of that steep hike.   Above is me standing in front of the rockhouse.  Be sure and enlarge all of the pictures to see them larger.

The rock formations around this area are just gorgeous..  Note the fog at the top of the picture... As I said,  it was very foggy and drizzly that day.. However,  this was our only 'rainy' day on that entire trip this year!!!

I stayed at the rockhouse and George bushwhacked down the hill (there was sort-of-a-trail) to check out the creek below. We had already hiked a long ways down the mountain to get to the rockhouse... SO---I just sat and enjoyed the beauty around me --while George went exploring some more.

Here is a picture of the creek--without much water this year.  Arkansas has not had the huge amounts of rain that Tennessee has had during this past winter... The waterfalls and cascades there were mostly 'waterless' this year.

George is making his way BACK up the steep hill --toward the rockhouse... The hiking sticks do help---but it's not easy especially when you are carrying a heavy camera backpack--including a tripod.  At least he is still SMILING!!!!

Here is another picture of the rocks around the Rockhouse!!!  I'll bet that the deer and other wildlife like this rockhouse area.  We scared three deer when we were hiking down there ---so they ran away from this area!  They probably were mad that we HUMANS were visiting 'their' area!!!!

Here's a picture George took of me and my hiking sticks... It's almost time to hike back up that steep mountain!!! Where's the elevator when I need it????? ha ha

BUT--we have to take time to take one more picture.... "George,  please set up the tripod."   "Okay-DEAR!!!!"   ha ha ....   Don't you like this picture though?  It may be my favorite picture of the two of us...  What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.