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Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Wreaths

My love for Christmas goes back to my childhood. My mother would decorate our house on the inside while Daddy would decorate the outside. We always had a live tree (a cedar --back then) and Mom would use fresh greenery to decorate most everything in the house. I remember that our house smelled SO good!!!!

Dad would hang greenery around the eaves of the house and hang a huge picture of Santa Claus above our front door. He used a spotlight to light up Santa at night. I think we were one of very few homes that were decorated on the OUTSIDE back then ('40's-'50's). People loved to drive by our house to see Santa!!!!! That was so special to me. You can see why I loved Christmas SO much.

Another memory I have is the beautiful homemade wreaths that Mom would make --and hang on our front door. I guess that is why I have a love for wreaths to this day. We have three wreaths on the front of our home now. There's one on the front door and two on the front of the house on either side of the computer room window.

Today I'm showing you some memories of Christmas as a child ---and also show you a couple of pictures of our lit wreaths. Above is a picture of Mom, Dad and me standing in front of our home. Note the wreath on the front door and the snow on the shrubs. I was hanging onto my dolly, LuLu. Below are more pictures.

Now you can see the BIG Santa hanging on the side of the house above the front door. That old Pontiac belonged to my older brother, Ray.

I included this picture of my parents so that you would see some of my mother's Christmas decorations around our home. I still have that clock which is shown in the picture --and it still RUNS!! It's one of my favorite possessions from my parents.

This is one of the lit wreaths on the front of our home. We bought this one last year.

This is our new wreath --which we bought before Thanksgiving this year. Both of them look so pretty at night all lit up on the front of our home. I'll show more pictures of the outside (and inside) of our home throughout this month.

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations from childhood ??? Besides the tree, I think the wreath will always be one of my fav's.