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Monday, May 22, 2017

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina - May, 2017

Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina
On our recent  Beach and Wedding Trip to North Carolina and Florida,   we spent 4 nights at our favorite beach and inn  (Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina)...  Although I'm a mountain girl,  I also love going to the beach.  We usually go twice a year  (May and Nov/Dec).   If you have followed my blog for a long time,  you have seen many posts from this area.... Every year is different from the previous ones!!!!

This year,  even though we went early  (May 7-11),  there were more people there than we have EVER seen...  Parking wasn't easy ---and getting breakfast in the small (but good) breakfast room was challenging... We also did NOT get our usual room --which we had asked for and gotten  every year until now....

I guess we have bragged on and promoted Islander Inn WAY too much through the years --since  people have now found it ---and it's gotten VERY popular...   We complained about not getting our 'special-to-us' room --and were told that they cannot guarantee requests like this anymore  (since they are SO popular)...  Like so many other things in life these days,  there's no loyalty anymore --or appreciation to us visitors who have been loyal for many, many years... Oh Well.

BUT--after I got over my 'mad'--- there were many good things that happened during this visit:
1. They have renovated the rooms --and they are very nice!
2. The weather was fantastic all of the time we were there this year  (especially the 7th and 8th);  NOT too hot,  no humidity,  lots of  clear blue skies and sunshine
3.  Got to see the FULL MOON out over the water  (awesome)

I already posted about the little park where we love to visit and walk... SO--today I'll share some pictures from our walks along the beach --and from our balcony!!!  Hope you enjoy this set of pictures... Click on them for enlargements...

One of the SUNRISES we enjoyed --from our balcony

We enjoy walking on the beach each day.. During the morning, we walk one direction and then during the afternoon,  we walk the other direction.... You can see the fishing pier in the distance.

We both love taking pictures while there...  I caught George on his knees!!!!! ha

George took this picture of a happy lady enjoying the beach!

The Fishing Pier ---up close and personal!!!

A fishing Boat --gathering up food for our DINNER!!!!  YUM---love that fresh seafood at Dockside!! 

Welcome to "MY" home at the beach!!! ( I WISH... ha ha)....  Many years ago,  we watched them build this home ---so every year when we walk on the beach,  we pass by and take another picture.... ha

I always enjoy watching and listening to the BIRDS at the beach.

George and all of his camera gear!!!!  He looks happy being at the beach also!

I love capturing pictures of the WAVES ---and I love having the door to our room opened at nights --so that we can HEAR the roar of the ocean waves!!!!!   SPECIAL!

Be sure and click on this picture (and the next one) to see the beautiful  FULL MOON over the water..  This was taken before dark --from our balcony...  How SPECIAL was this!!!

FULL MOON  (taken after dark);  I always enjoy the moon shining on the water!!!!!  
We had a great 4+ days there ---and seeing this full moon was definitely a highlight of our visit ---plus the seafood at Dockside of course!!!!!

We're not sure what we will do next spring about visiting here... At this time,  we are contemplating changing to April...  What we want is 'our' special room when there aren't nearly as many people around.... BUT---we'll definitely visit after Thanksgiving this year, hoping that there won't be as many people that time of year!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures today!   Have a wonderful week... I cannot believe that JUNE is almost here... Time is flying by for sure!