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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July in the Glade

Looking at the blue sky while featuring the Lilies and Daylilies in our Road Flowerbed-- taken on 7/6/14;
I last showed you some photos taken on July 4th around our home and yard... SO---today,  I'll share more July photos  (not counting individual photos of Roses, Lilies and Daylilies which I will feature in future posts) taken this month.

Please click on the photos for enlargements.  Hope you enjoy seeing more of the beauty around our yard in summer.

A view of some of our front yard, featuring the lilies in the Lamppost Round Bed and the Roses, Daylilies and Lilies in the Road Bed--taken on 7/6/14;

This is the top part of our HUGE Glossy Abelia  (which I used to think was a Confederate Jasmine bush);  This beauty has little bells as flowers---taken on 7/7/14.

A beautiful Hosta given to me a few years ago by a friend--taken 7/7/14

One of our larger Hosta plants which was blooming;  taken on 7/7/14

Another view of the Lamppost Round Bed and the Road Bed --showing all of the pretty colors;  AND---also included are some Daylilies in the Small Daylily Bed near the big Rose Bed.  Taken on 7/8/14

Two Daylilies (Orange Vols and Lavender Deal);  I love these two color combinations.  Taken on 7/8/14

I not only look at flowers when we 'walk our yard' each morning and evening.. I also look at the sky.  These clouds were so pretty I thought..  Taken on 7/8/14

I love this particular Hosta...  As you probably know,  I have fallen in love with Hostas --and they do well here in our shaded yard. Taken on 7/9/14

Some of our Semps (Sempervivum) in bloom;  Semps are also called Chicks and Hens.  Love them!!!  Do you? Taken on 7/11/14

This is our Daylily Bed (although we have Daylilies all over the yard)...  I love seeing all of the different colors in this bed...  Taken on 7/12/14

Another pretty Blooming Hosta in our yard;  Taken on 7/13/14

This is a new flower in our yard this year---the blooms of a Canna Lily.  We have 5 of these beauties in pots along the sunny side of our driveway.  This special lily is HUGE --and was given to us by a friend... I'm so excited to watch it grow and then bloom.... Awesome!  Photo taken 7/15/14;

This is only one (of 5) of our new Canna Lilies... I love it!!! --Photo taken 7/15/14

The Orange Vols Daylily is really showing off this year.  Since I LOVE my Tennessee Vols sports teams,  you can imagine how much I enjoy seeing this daylily.  Gorgeous!!!  taken on 7/16/14;

Looking out toward the Golf Course Fairway from our Deck
Finally,  here's a picture of our Swing (on our deck)...  We sit on this swing early in the morning for our devotion time together.  Sometimes we go to the front yard and have our devotions on the bench--but most of the time,  we end up on the swing.  That photo also shows the late afternoon sun shining on the Golf Course Fairway out back of our home.  Oh --how I love sunset around here.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Summer photos and colors around our home  today... Summer is my least favorite season (because of the heat)--but I do like it in June/July so that I can enjoy our Summer flowers.

Thanks for stopping by... You are special!  See you on Monday!