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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Robin and More

A few days ago, I noticed a cute little bird on the railing on our deck... At first I wasn't sure what this little guy was---but then I realized that it was a baby Robin... I knew that there had been a nest above our neighbor's gutters. SO--I assume the babies had fledged recently and this was one of them.

After he sat there for awhile ---looking around, Daddy or Mama Robin came and fed him... It was just so cute to watch. That little guy stayed on the railing for about 45 minutes --and one of the adults would come by and feed him. I watched him for awhile ---but then I had other things I needed to do. He finally left--and I haven't seen him since that day. The picture above shows that precious little Robin.. Note his fuzzy hair!!!! More pictures are below.

This is the Mama feeding her baby... Both male and female Robins feed their young. The Papa is darker and more colorful.

"Now, ain't I just the purdiest thang you ever done saw?" (Tennessee talk--ha ha)


I've talked in several posts about this neat rose, Rio Samba. When it first opens out, it is quite yellow. Then , as it gets older, it turns pink... Isn't that amazing???? It's hard to believe that the two roses above are one-and-the-same. These are both Rio Samba!!!! Awesome, isn't it?

This new rose (new to us this year) is named Sweetness.... George brought one inside, and put it in a vase on our dining room table. This rose smells absolutely fabulous!

Here's another picture of our white rose, Sweet Freedom. I think it is prettier now that it has opened all of the way out... Do you like white roses???? I definitely do!!! (This rose is definitely white despite the picture which makes it look more pastel.)


These Bluebird babies are now about 8 or 9 days old... If you compare this picture with others that I have posted, you'll note how much the babies have grown. You can see two of them clearly in this photo..

Bluebirds have 2-3 broods each spring/summer. After the first group leaves the nest, they then help Mom and Dad with the next brood... They even help feed the babies. Isn't that neat???? Oh--how I love my Bluebirds!!!

Have a great Thursday. We're heading back to Hendersonville to check on George's parents. Janet (George's sister) did our week when we went to the beach ---so we're doing two weeks in a row this time.