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Monday, February 10, 2020

A Little More SNOW in Tennessee ----Yeah!!!!!

Our Home---Feb. 7, 2020
YEP----here's another little "Snow Post" from Betsy!!!!!  Geeessshhh!!!!   BUT--for this old 'snow lover',   this little snow was one of our prettiest in several years...  Yes--it was little,  and even you who live in snow-climate areas wouldn't mind this one!  We only got about 1.5 inches AND since we had had over SEVEN INCHES of RAIN before the snow came,  the ground was so warm causing the snow not to stick to the ROADS or Driveways or grassy areas at all much.   BUT--it stuck to the trees and shrubs and that made for a gorgeous little snow!!!   AND---even better news:  it was gone in 2 days!!!!

Today -I'll share some pictures I took around the yard that morning  (Feb. 7, 2020)  PLUS 4 pictures taken that afternoon as we ventured out to run some errands!!!!!  The drive down the Cumberland Plateau to Cookeville to go to Sam's was so pretty....

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  After looking at the possible weather for the rest of February,   it appears as if this may be our last snow this year  (unless we get some winter weather in March).... Our area used to get several deep snows in winter --but for the past several years,  we've gotten almost none.... Call it "Climate Change" or whatever... I just know it is very different these days.

Back Yard

The Rhododendron is being protected from the cold --by its "Snow Coat"

Don't think we'll be having a picnic on our deck!!!  (ha)

The Side Yard looking toward the front;  See the Daffodils 'trying' to pop up????

Shrubs in our front yard

Looking toward the 'lower' side yard

One of our shrubs ---up close and personal

Looking up at the snow clinging to the trees, near the Flag Pole

One more picture of our front yard

As we left home,  I took this picture of a beautiful evergreen tree in our area.

Passing by Mirror Lake in our community... IF you look close enough (right in the middle)  you will see the little fountain!!!

WOW---the trees were so gorgeous as we drove down the mountain.

Another picture from the car of the beauty all around us

Finally,  the errands are finished and we back home --only to enjoy the snow outside and a warm fire going in our fireplace!!!!!   What a Life!!!!
Well---hope you enjoyed our little snow and the ride we took you on!!!!!!  Now--the snow is gone and it's back to warmer weather ---with more RAIN coming this week... THAT--I can do without since we have had nothing but rain/flooding for it seems like weeks and weeks....Prayers for all of the people in flooded areas....East Tennessee has had its share of that!

Have an awesome week.