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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Piano Recitals

Have you sat through piano recitals????? I not only sat through many of them; I also played in MANY of them! When you are having to sit there and listen to about 25 little children play their recital pieces while waiting to hear your own little angel play his or her song(s), WELL---you know that these recitals can get LONG and tedious.

I mentioned in a previous blog (June 14) about my piano-playing years. I started taking piano lessons in the 2nd grade and took them until I graduated from high school. So--my parents had to sit through at least 11 spring recitals.

When I was looking through some old photo albums recently, I found some pictures that I want to share with you today.. Luckily, I found names on the back of the pictures---because I probably would not have remembered all of these people now. Maybe --since I'll list names with each picture, some of these Big Stone Gap, Virginia people will 'google' their names and find my blog. Wouldn't that be neat????? Here are the three pictures. You can click on them to make them larger.

This was Mrs. Harlow Williams' piano students in our Spring Recital in 1956. I was finishing the 8th grade that year. Standing from left to right: Nita Holding, Anna Lou Reach, Carolyn Fugate, Phyllis Peterson, Maudine Benedict, Nancy Hagy, Susan Hollifield, ME (Betsy Banks), Carol Neely, Anita Clark, Roberta Clark, Nancy Edmonds, Nancy Rush, Ann Liddle, Joyce Bailey; Seated from left to right: Elaine Marrs, Joyce Ann Mulvaney, Nancy Ball, Libby Carter, Fonda Potter, Nancy Mullins

This one was taken my Senior Year, 1960. This is only the high school group in this photo. Standing from left to right: Teresa Damon, Doris Buchanan, Elaine Marrs, Jill Banner, ME (Betsy Banks), Frances True, Phyllis Fugate, Susan Hollifield, Victoria Gates, Mary Elizabeth Quillin; Seated from left to right: Howard Sandt, Gale Revilla

This picture was also taken in 1960. This is the group who entered the annual Piano Competition held at Pennington Gap, VA . Standing from left to right: Ann Marrs, Mary Elizabeth Quillin, Nancy Darnell, Norma Gwaldis, Jill Banner, ME (Betsy Banks), Susan Hollifield, Frances True, Victoria Gates, Linda Jessee, Teresa Damon; The three younger ones in front from left to right: Kathy Shupe, Henry Stout, Margaret Anna Bryington

I loved my piano playing years ---and thought that Mrs. Williams was an excellent teacher. BUT--if you have sat through these long recitals before, today I give you my deepest sympathy!!!!!! ha ha